Self-Help Exercises to Treat One’s Anxiety

Anxiety can be cured by many different kinds of self-initiated exercises. One half hour slot everyday contributes a lot towards reducing one’s anxiety.

Exercising is a self-help technique that helps to increase endorphin levels to lift one’s mood, increase neurotransmitter levels to increase anxiety-control capabilities, relax muscles and reduce stress hormone (cortisol) levels.

One kind of exercise that is used to control anxiety is aerobics.

Aerobics makes a person breathe faster and deeper to increase oxygen intake. The amount of oxygen in the blood, therefore, also increases. Aerobics also induces positive attitudes in patients.

Aerobics also eases tense muscles. All these effects contribute greatly towards treating anxiety problems.

A second kind of extremely useful exercise for anxiety patients consists of breathing exercises.

Breathing techniques affect many physiological aspects of the body and through this, many psychological aspects. Shallow breathing results in a reduced amount of oxygen in the blood. One should breathe from the abdomen, learn the right techniques and practice them in different positions: sitting up straight on a chair or lying flat on one’s back.

Initially, one should spend ten minutes on breathing exercises and then slowly increase the time one spends on it as one progresses.

Meditation techniques like visualization also help. One should imagine oneself in happy situations and locations. One can also visualize metaphors of curing one’s disease – like the unwinding of a tightly twisted rope, softening wax, etc.

One should spend time by oneself in a quiet lonely place and practice these for around fifteen minutes.

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