Top Self Help Strategies to Beat Depression According to Scientists

A group of Australian scientists did some research to discover more than 2214 self-help strategies to beat depression. Their findings were published in the Journal of Affective Disorders in Oct 2008. After getting rid of complicated strategies that they found to be difficult to implement, the team selected a final list of helpful strategies. What were the top strategies?

The list included…

-physical activity,

-proper sleep habits and regular sleep schedule,

-doing enjoyable things,

-getting involved in activities with a purpose,

-rewards for reaching small goals,

-relaxation methods,

-talking over problems or feelings with someone supportive and caring,

-informing family and friends,

-and eating a healthy, balanced diet.

When you discover that your head is attached to your body and that you must take care of your body in order to have a healthy mind, beating depression is closer than you think. For some reason, in our modern lifestyles, we incorrectly assume that what we choose to do and consume will not affect our health. As a result, our health care systems cannot possibly provide us adequate care. Proper health care begins with each individual. Please don’t sacrifice your long term health for short term comforts.

With help from your doctor, you can start making life changes today to beat your depression. Your doctor can only guide you but he/she will not cure your depression. Only you can. My own life is an example of that.

When anti depressants brought on thoughts of suicide, I did my own depression research reading through the medical journals. Then I took it to my doctor and he suggested how to implement the research safely and effectively. But, it took discipline on my part (not his) for me to implement it. Three months later, I was out of the tunnel because I diligently made the necessary lifestyle changes. You can make these simple changes too.

There is hope! You are worth it!

From suicidal to impacting the lives of others, Merri Ellen Giesbrecht shares hope for those suffering from depression. When antidepressants made her life worse, she began to research the medical journals to find the truth. What she found would not only change her life but also thousands of others in over 80 countries around the world through her website:

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