Self Help Treatments For Stuttering

We all know and have heard about the speech therapy courses for stuttering. These are becoming ever more popular and there is normally a waiting period of around six months before people are able to attend a course. These courses are not suitable for everyone, there are a lot of people who stutter that do not have the confidence to attend one of these stuttering courses, especially the courses that are held on a group basis. There are, however, a number of self-help therapy options available which enables these people to gain access to the fluency techniques.

So what are the options available for people who are unable to attend a stuttering course? Well there are a number of self-help products which are available including:

1. E-books
2. Audio books
3. DVD’s
4. A combination of the above

The price of these products often range from twenty to sixty pounds or forty to sixty dollars.

I personally believe that the DVD option is the most beneficial as you are able to watch and see the speech coach describing all of the techniques.

When purchasing one of these products it is important to ask yourself the following question:

Does the seller offer the option of additional support and help if I require it?

This is essential as it is likely that you will have a couple of questions after watching the DVD, listening to the audio book or reading the e-book.

If the seller is not offering this service then it probably is not worth buying their product.

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