Self-Help Ebooks – Inspiration and Motivation Mean Profits

Self-help is a huge subject area for writers. Pick any bestseller list, and you’ll find the self-help books feature heavily in the top ten nonfiction books in any week of the year. Everyone wants motivation and inspiration.

So what does this mean to you as an ebook writer? Basically it means that you should be looking at the self-help area carefully, especially when it comes to article writing and ebook development.

In this article, we’ll discuss finding topics for self-help ebooks which are easy for you to write, and to sell.

Ebooks aren’t as long as print books, so they’re fast to write. I’ve noticed that in the past year, shorter ebooks of 50 to 90 pages are selling well. Assuming that you get 250 words per page, a 50-page ebook is just 12,500 words. You should be able to get such an ebook written in a week.

The best topics for you are those in which you have some experience. When you’re experienced in an area, it means that you know the basics – you’re not starting from scratch. It’s also an area in which you have a strong interest, and projects for topics in which you’re interested are always much easier to write.

Make a list of self-help topics you’ve explored in the past, or are currently involved with. For example, if you’re trying to lose weight or get fit, those are prime self-help areas. So is anything to do with spirituality.

Let’s look at three ways you could find topics for a self-help ebook.

1. What self-help topics are you interested in?

Start with your own interests. For example, you may be interested in stress relief, time management, writing (yes, you can include writing in the self-help field), and financial management.

Make a list of any topics you’re interested in currently.

Also list any self-help topics you’ve been interested in in the past. You may have joined a gym at some stage, and been interested in fitness. Perhaps you’ve just had a baby, and read lots of “baby” books while you were happily pregnant. Perhaps you explored alternative medicine.

A tip: if you’re writing an ebook on any topic connected with health, have the ebook vetted by a health professional before you offer it for sale. It’s vital that you give good information.

2. Make a list of challenges you’ve overcome

Your own challenges are also a prime area in which you can find ebook topics.

Perhaps you’ve been broke, and have paid off all your debts – debt management is a great topic for an ebook. Or perhaps you’ve suffered a health challenge and have overcome it. If this is your story, share it with others.

3. What’s on Amazon’s bestseller list?

I love the Amazon bestseller list – it’s always crammed with self-help books, and they can give you excellent ideas for self-help ebooks.

For example, I’ve just checked over the list, and found books on life management, finding a purpose for your life, guilt-free eating, and attracting wealth.

Any of those topics have many sub-topics which you could explore in an ebook.

Here’s a bonus tip. Self-help ebook ideas are everywhere. Check out what your friends are reading, and what challenges they’re facing. Your next ebook could be just a conversation away.

Happy writing – self-help ebooks are a goldmine. Get yourself a shovel, and start digging for gold today.

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