Different Facets of Astrology

Human beings have always been inquisitive by nature and astrology has in its own inimitable way fueled this desire in men to try to learn about future events. Moreover, astrology makes for an interesting subject, as it is represented by numerous aspects.  It includes:

*Comprehending the Juxtaposition – Astrologers draw out predictions on the basis of movement of planets and stars. Indeed, there are some common points where different planets form a conjunction. In fact, these points are nothing but a simple union of energies. The stronger this juxtaposition, the more subjective will be these energies. You can take the conjunctions as blind spots to understand the concept in a much better way. Now, when the sun comes in close conjunction to any planet in a horoscope, changes in the native can easily be observed by others but not by native itself. The latter cannot draw a line of difference between its sense of individualism and spiritual nature, and other characteristics.

*The Astrological Square – This facet is known to be a source of tension between points and the planets involved in making the astrological predictions. Although, tension is necessary to accomplish action but it may result in stress. Planets positioned in the square act at cross-purposes. Nevertheless, the square persuades us out of our comfort zone and pushes us into taking action. These squares are tougher when we are young, and push us onto the road of learning and achieving.

*The Trine – Planets tend to support each other when positioned in the trine. In fact, the trine lets us accept others, our situations, and, most of all, ourselves in so highlighting their accepting nature. The talents offered by the trine to a native are generally ignored, because of their being natural. These talents come so naturally to the native that he/she does not realize that he/she possesses them. They are just there as part of his or her second nature. On the other hand, the same talents under the astrological square will make the native work hard to realize his or her talent.

*The Sextile – More or less similar to trines, the sextile indicates to some talents that come with ease. However, sextiles are a little more evident as opposed to the trines that come naturally to the native. In case of trines the talents are so natural that the native has to be reminded of their presence. Conversely, in the case of sextiles, the native remains aware of his/her talents. Opposed to trines, sextiles disclose the true potential of the native, so that it can be used productively.

Astrology is very wide field and these are just some of the basic considerations in astrology for making predictions. The professional astrologers use these considerations and a combination of various other factors to reach a conclusion about someone’s future.

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