Bronchitis Self Help – 3 Tips to Better Breathing

Bronchitis self help is something that anyone with a lung condition such as bronchitis should do for themselves. One of the best things a person with any lung condition can do is to learn how to breathe correctly and deeply.

Learning to breathe deeply and correctly is a form of self help that anyone can do for themselves whether they suffer from a lung condition or not, as learning how to breathe correctly can only benefit people in a positive way.

As with any new program one should remember that learning how to breathe correctly is a form of both physical as well as mental exercise and as always when learning a new form of exercise remember to take it slow at first and build up as you go along. This is the correct way to bronchitis self help through learning how to breathe correctly.

Here are 3 tips to better breathing:

Tip 1. Most of us are “upper lung breathers” or what some refer to as shallow breathers. Start to learn how to breathe into the center of the lungs or try learning how to breathe into the back of the lungs to take in more air. This is done from a lying down position.

Tip 2. Learn how to breathe into the lower lobes of the lungs and give them a gentle expansion and contraction which will add to the lungs elasticity.

Tip 3. Exhale completely. This sounds like a give in, but it is not! Most of us even when doing deep breathing exercise really do not exhale fully or completely.Get it all out! Don’t push! Slowly, gently exhale until there is nothing left to exhale. Get all that stale air out of you and then take in a nice long, deep, invigorating breath! Enjoy it! It feels good to be able to breathe that deeply!

Breathing better can change a persons life in many ways. Bronchitis self help is about learning how to control the condition of bronchitis and improve the quality of one’s breathing. Both people with and without a lung condition can reap the rewards of learning how to breathe correctly.

Now that you have learned some of the ways in which to breathe better if you want to learn more about better breathing and bronchitis control please visit: today!

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