Social Anxiety Help – Professional and Self-Help Treatments

Occasional social anxiety is very common, after all not everyone is comfortable with public speaking or meeting new people. However, when the anxiety level becomes so extreme that it starts hindering everyday activities and interferes with a person’s general well-being, social anxiety help may be necessary. Individuals suffering from excessive anxiety in social situations may be suffering from a mental condition known as social anxiety disorder.

Social anxiety disorder, also known as social phobia, is being uncomfortable or fearful around other people. Individuals with this disorder feel someone is watching and judging them in a negative way. They fear they will look foolish or may have the feeling that they don’t belong or don’t have anything to say when interacting with other people. They may start to blush, sweat or have a rapid heartbeat as symptoms of their high anxiety.

Social anxiety is one of the most common disorders in the country. Left untreated you can become depressed, feel isolated and generally not have a very rewarding life. Fortunately, social anxiety help is available in a variety of treatments including some self-help strategies.

Therapy – Here’s that dirty little word that is despised by so many. Think of it as counseling and maybe it won’t sound so bad to you. This should be the number one choice for social anxiety help as it has proven to be the most effective method of dealing with all types of anxiety disorders. The most effective form of treatment is called cognitive behavioral therapy. Not only will you learn how to control your anxiety but also how to alter your thinking and behavior patterns which will eventually allow you to overcome your disorder.

Medication – This is generally prescribed by therapists to control the symptoms of anxiety. Some type of medication, like beta-blockers, are useful for controlling symptoms like the racing heart, shaking or sweating that some may feel before they need to perform or speak in public. This medication can be taken in advance of these types of situations in order to relieve nervousness.

Sedatives, like Valium or Xanax, are also prescribed to lower your anxiety level and are very fast acting. However, they should only be used short-term as they can become addictive. Antidepressants are the most commonly prescribed drug to treat anxiety. They are a long term solution but it can take weeks before they become effective. Although they may not be as habit forming as sedatives they can potentially increase the risk of suicidal thought.

The thing to remember about medication is that no drug will cure your anxiety disorder as their sole purpose is to control your symptoms.

Adult Education Classes – Typically found in community centers or colleges, you can find social anxiety help by attending social skills classes or one in assertiveness training. Some will feel that this would be too stressful, but you need to remember that all the other people in the class will feel the same way as you.

Practice social skills – Try something simple like smiling or being the first one to say hello to someone until it becomes second nature and it no longer causes anxiety, then move on to another skill. If you are going to be in a social situation, you should come up with several topics you can discuss in that setting. Brush up on the weather, sports, news or whatever you think that group of people will be talking about. You don’t have to monopolize the conversation (yeah, like that’s going to happen) but this will allow you to have something to contribute.

Volunteering – Another way of getting social anxiety help is by volunteering for something you like doing. Maybe it’s taking care of animals in a shelter or perhaps you are passionate about someone running for office and you chose to work for their campaign. Your focus will be on the activity you are performing but you will also be around other people and interacting with others who have the same common interest.

If you’re suffering from social anxiety disorder, having a normal life may seem impossible. However, with the treatment options available, social anxiety help is right around the corner. If you make the commitment and follow through with it, you can overcome this disorder and go on to have a far more enjoyable lifestyle.

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