OCD Anxiety and Panic Attack Self-Help Relief Require an Evaluation of Your Daily Habits

One of my subscribers was asking me what I thought was an important step for beginning a self-help treatment for OCD anxiety and panic disorder.

I told her I thought the right frame of mind requires you recognize and admit that you have daily habits that are counterproductive for positive personal improvement.

We need to change those daily habits with the right information, at the right time, acted on – over and over again.

We are all manifestations in some way, shape, or form of our habits. If I’ve been inactive for a decade, chances are the slabs of marbled fat are gathering, or I’m always tired, or don’t “feel” motivated to do much.

And for those of us with OCD, we are now a product of years, or even decades of responding to the thoughts that created the emotions – that we have been acting on – over and over again.

Good or bad – it’s all up to our interpretation.
You have probably heard that a new habit takes 30 days of repetition to adopt. I’ll except that, dealing with my OCD is a journey, not a destination.

Like any road well traveled, our habits are familiar and comfortable. But you’re comfortable road, you’re well-traveled road, may not be the quickest or most scenic route. We need to look for that new turnoff, that new side road that could vastly improve our lives.

Despite wanting to get in shape, go back to school, learn to play the guitar, or get really, really good at what we do. Despite heroic intentions, we continue on the same course, and soon a month, then a year, and a decade flashes by us.

And so we live our lives.

We need to change the habits that influence our lives in a positive way.

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