Online Self Help – What Are Your Options?

Online self help is widely available in our modern world today, thanks to the creation of the internet web. This means anyone who has an internet connection has huge amount of information at his/her finger tips to alleviate whatever problem that needs solving. The beauty of this online self help phenomenon is that problem solving is within everyone’s easy reach and within the confines of your home or office. This is particularly important if you are not keen to share your problem face-to-face with anyone.
You simply acquire the information you need, absorb and process the information, then apply what you have learnt. The end result is, you help yourself solve that problem. For those who’d like to share, there is quite a huge array of online forum opportunities in whatever area that interests you, where you can share your problem with others and hopefully find a solution.
You still have the option to remain anonymous in an online self help discussion forum if you so choose not to make your identity known. So long as you comply with forum rules and regulations you can get the online self help you need.
People who have had a similar problem like yours will be willing to share their experiences with you and you can draw inspiration from them. The only downside of online self help discussion forums is that everyone sees themselves as experts even when they are not and you sometimes may end up getting the wrong advice.
Some people automatically become online self help experts just because they have their fingers flush on the computer keyboard. Be careful who you get your advice from. Another source of online self help is getting the information you need from websites that provide free information for your problem. This is ideal in the sense that you can always visit the site over and over again to access the information. However, the problem of credibility also awaits but with good research you may fish out good sites with good info that you can trust.
Some online self help sites will provide you with all the information you need depending on the nature of your problem and other sites will provide you with a good amount of information but will support this information with links to other resources that will deal with specific issues.
The final online self help available are the paid option. Some will function as membership websites where you log in anytime to access the information you need and others will provide you with downloadable manual, audio product or lately video product. One would expect all paid products to be effective but that will be naïve.
A lot of people have had their problem solved with paid products but an even larger proportion have found paid products disappointing. The same old problem of credibility still rears its ugly head here.
So, how do you go about solving that credibility problem?
My advice is always get paid products that have been tried and tested and have been proven to help a good number of people. Research is the key.
You could do the research yourself but this could be time-consuming or you could rely on recommendation by someone who has test-driven the online self help product and reviewed it independently. That way, you can make your purchasing decision with confidence and know that you are not going to waste your money.  
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