Self-Help Books – What Place Do They Have in Your Life?

Self help literature is big business. It has become a lucrative business because there are so many people searching for answers to their personal concerns. Despite there being so many books and programs touting ways of finding true happiness and achieving ones potential statistics show that as a nation we are not all that happy or feeling fulfilled.

Currently there are over 20,000 self help titles available on Amazon. That shows that there are many different ideas out there to answer questions of how to lose weight, manage anger, meet the love of ones life, attract happiness, etc. If there was a simple answer there would not be a need for so many resources. Yet self help books provide a unique value by opening people’s minds to possibilities. For some reading will be all they do, others will recognize from their reading that self-help is not sufficient and will seek professional help.

There is no shortcut to making changes in life. It takes persistence and commitment to strengthen emotional fitness and to take good care of ones physical body. Most of the self help literature sees the problem as occurring inside each person and overlooks the power of what happens between people. Anyone who has lived in an alcoholic home knows that the alcoholic affects every individual powerfully. People can no longer operate freely but assume roles in the family. It all happens very gradually and subtly and the effect is stifling for each person. It takes an enormous amount of emotional strength to work for change within an alcoholic family system. The work is worth it because the resulting feeling of being in control of self again is empowering.

The learning from self help books has to be filtered through the unique lens of each individual. Some people become voracious readers but don’t make changes. They are looking for answers outside themselves and shy away from figuring out their own answers. Others use the books to guide and challenge them as they grow themselves and their relationships.

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