Panic Attack Tips – Self Help Tips For Overcoming Panic Attacks

If you are dealing with panic attacks then you know how hard it is to overcome them. Best choice would be to start therapy, preferably one that does not include medications. But on your way to final cure you could use some tricks on how to ease your panic attack and overcome it easier.

Here are the few tips that you can try using while having a panic attack:


Whenever you feel that another panic attack is on the way and you start recognizing symptoms, distract yourself. If you are at home then start doing something, for ex., wash dishes, turn on the TV or a computer, focus on what you are doing. If you are out in public then go away from a crowded place and call somebody to talk to or if you are in a supermarket just take a breath and focus on your grocery list and things you need to buy.

These are only examples but the point is to just do whatever possible that will stop your panic attack develop into a full blown panic attack.


Deep breathing is always a great way to lower your heart beat and relax your body. Try to deeply inhale on your nose and slowly exhale on your mouth.

Be positive

Sounds like a cliche but it helps! Keep telling yourself that nothing bad will happen and that you will be ok any minute.

Because that is the truth. Panic attacks can not harm you in any way.


I know this tip will sound funny but burping will immediately ease your panic attack and it will lower your heart beat. If you have difficulties burping, drink some soda.

Comfort pills

If you are using medications I would recommend to try a therapy that doesn’t include pills. But for your own comfort have them with you always, just in case but try not to take any if possible. Just knowing that you have something that can help you, can ease your panic attack without actually taking the pill.

Hope this tips will help. But better sooner then later to start your treatment since these tips are only temporary solution.

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