Self Esteem Self Help – Boosting Self Esteem With Affirmations

When you consider that low self-esteem is almost always the result of negative messages being absorbed by the subconscious, it becomes obvious that if you remove the negativity, you CAN restore the self esteem.

So -Let’s start your Self Esteem Self Help course at once!

What stops most people is not knowing what to say, and how to apply word affirmations for best effect. Below you’ll find a few simple ideas to help you come up with valuable affirmations that will improve your self esteem.

Here and Now

First, its important to word your affirmations in the “here and now”, not sometime soon. You wouldn’t want to say, “I will learn to love myself” because that makes it sound like you’ll get around to it “whenever”. Instead you could use, “I choose to love myself.” The wording of that affirmation does two things: it empowers you with the addition of the words “choose to,” and it puts the time frame in the present moment.


At the same time, your affirmations should be acceptable to you. If you tried to say, “I am an absolute genius,” you may not really believe that, so your subconscious mind will reject it. Instead,try to focus on a process rather than an end result in your affirmations. Say something like, “I am learning to embrace my unique properties and share them confidently with others.”

Mean It!

When you recite affirmations, you can say them out loud or just think them. You must however say or think them sincerely – really inject an element of care and tenderness into them. Your subconscious mind picks up on the emotional aspect of what you`re saying more than the actual words. Imagine the difference between saying the words, “I really love myself” with a tone of care and tenderness, or sarcasm. Which do you think would have a greater impact on your subconscious mind?

Repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat…you get it.

OK – You have some affirmations formed to work on your self-esteem, now try saying them several times a day. Remember, your subconscious mind is constantly playing back old, ingrained negative messages – so you want to overcome those as powerfully as possible. Keep reciting your more positive thoughts on a regular basis – especially if you become aware that you`re thinking negatively about yourself once again. I know, I,ve done it too.

No Hurry

Finally, remember that it has taken years to set those old, negative messages in your mind. It may take a few weeks or even months to replace them with something more positive – then you`ll notice an obvious difference in how you feel. Its very important that you keep with it, and you will begin to see a difference eventually, trust me! Most likely it will be a gradual change. Little by little you’ll start feeling more positive, and notice that you`re feeling a bit happier and a lot lighter. Day by day you will notice that things you struggled with yesterday, you dealt with today without a second thought. You`re getting there! Keep at it.

Remember how the old you used to listen to what other people say about you, and take it to heart, why not start to listen to, and then believe in, yourself?

I hope this has helped a little, at the moment all may seem lost but that is simply not true, a few self esteem self help sessions and things will start to look a lot better. You may want to look for some guides that successful people have used for years to give them confidence and power, if so give yourself a head start and go to

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GOOD LUCK and best wishes.

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