Just Because Your a Self-Help Geek Doesn’t Mean That You Are Broken

I was in the Doctor’s office a few days ago when another waiting patient asked me what I was reading. It was a rather well worn copy of Think and Grow Rich and I had been occasionally reading this particular copy for nearly 50 years. With a bit of a smirk on his face, he then asked me why I was reading that type of trash and wanted to know if I had some short of problem.

Normally, I am a very proactive and would have explained the importance of seeking the higher road and a life of self-fulfillment. This time it was just once too often and I said: “Yea, my Mercedes AMG needs a tune-up and by the way, What are you driving?” He didn’t respond and the conversation was over. It was just another example of what I have found to be a general public opinion that the self-help geeks, like me, are broken. There is something wrong with us. It is unfortunate but, the people that need to study self-help and self-fulfillment material are the least likely to do so. So many wasted lives. Your know the type-constantly complaining about how they hate their work, how they never get a break, always have bad luck and hold extremely negative attitudes towards people who have achieved wealth. They think that we are broken. We must have cheated to get what we have.

They believe all the subconscious self-defeating behaviors and thoughts that they learned as children. They live a life of fear-fear of lack, fear of losing a job that they already hate, fear that they won’t be able to pay their bills, and fear of getting out of their comfort zone-even though their comfort zone is a life of mediocrity. While they smirk and laugh at the self-fulfillment geeks of the world, it is them and not us who are broken. I also live a life of fear-fear of mediocrity. While goals are important, it is following the path of self-fulfillment that truly satisfies my inner needs. I only work at things that I love to do. I know that all of mankind was born with a purpose to their lives and that there are very few of us who actually achieve all that we are capable of.

Everyone’s path to self-fulfillment is different-there is no one size fits all but, if you really want to be “All that you can be” then leave fear behind and (sorry for the cliche) follow the road less traveled. Success has no one single definition. It is different for each and everyone of us. For me, it is helping others achieve personal self-fulfillment. For Mother Theresa it was helping the poverty stricken of the world. For people like Bill Gates, you would think that it was simply getting rich but if you look deeper, you will find that he is using a substantial portion of his income to support humanitarian projects. He knows that financial wealth is just a tool that you can use to fulfill your real purpose in life.

So, the next time you come across someone that thinks that you are broken because you have broken out of the mold of mediocrity, maybe it is time to set them straight-we live in a world of abundance, it is available to all of us and that they can live the life of their deepest desires. All they need do is follow the road less traveled.

Stan Pontiere has been an avowed self-help geek since high school-more than 40 years ago. For more information on self-fulfillment please visit: http://overtherainbow.net78.net/ or my blog at: [http://self-helpgeeks-unite.blogspot.com]

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