Hypnosis Techniques that Never Work–The Problems of Dark NLP.

As many of you already recognize, there are many different types of hypnosis. Some forms of hypnosis are used for therapy, and other variations of hypnosis are used for persuasion. There is a thin line between Ericksonian Hypnosis and authentic hypnotic brain control

Ericksonian Hypnosis has done wonders in therapeutic settings. And as we deliberate Ericksonian Hypnosis, we must also think about the creation of NLP. John Grinder and Richard Bandler made-up NLP through their observations of Ericksonian Hypnosis and how the main beliefs of Ericksonian Hypnosis influenced human behavior in clinical settings For this reason NLP and Ericsonian Hypnosis have so many similar features, because they are linked to each other to the extent that they can be considered sister arts.

Now, many years ago there was a man who went by the name of Ross Jefferies who studied NLP language patterns, and based on what he learned he formed speed seduction Speed Seduction tried to use the language patterns of NLP to seduce women, but as many men attempted to use language patterns to control women, they failed. It was a consequence of their failures that other male seduction communities were established that did not rely upon Ericksonian Language Patterns to seduce the opposite sex.

But this trend that Ross Jefferies began did not stop other people from trying to apply the language patterns of NLP for persuasive and controlling purposes. This was the introduction of what is acknowledged as Dark NLP. Dark NLP, and literally everything that is either subtly or openly connected to it, has failed more than anything else in history in the art of persuasionand getting what you want. Dark NLP plainly is not effective, and there are many reasons why it doesn’t work. For one, there needs to be an established clinical environment in order for the hypnosis techniques and theories of Ericksonian Hypnosis to be helpful. For instance, the shark is extremely powerful, but you can’t take out the shark out of the ocean and count on it to be dominate. This identical rule applies to Conversational Hypnosis.

When Dark NLP was invented, the people who were practicing it were trying to use the power of Ericksonian Language Patterns outside of the clinical settings where NLP was successful. This simply didn’t happen then, it doesn’t work now, and it can’t work in the future. This means that many “persuasion gurus” are not teaching the appropriate tools and social strategies to the loads of students who are paying them for advice. So, the only people whom Dark NLP profits are the deceptive “leaders” who are promoting it as if it were secretive teachings that was linked to the art of persuasion and getting what you want.

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