The Social Implications Of Mobile Phone Use

For the year 2008, there were 314.7 million cell phone units sold worldwide. Among those who bought these gadgets were kids aged 10 years old. Today, the cell phone user population is being dominated by a much younger generation.

We’ve really come a long way and it’s all thanks to modern technology. But are the advancements we experience a real reflection of our progress as human beings? It’s surreal to think that the youth have grown out of playing street games and have converted to solitary activities like texting and online gaming for fun. Is this healthy? Well, it might be for some who view the odds of experiencing physical disabilities and insecurities a far dangerous experience than the lack of activity. But with all things considered, this sudden shift in practice might just be their way of identifying with common adult practice. It is a fact that we have all become increasingly dependent on modern technology that we’ve forgotten other fulfilling means to accomplish our tasks.

Relatively, mobile phones have really sky rocketed us into the future. Through these small gadgets, they help us communicate with each other easily and virtually everywhere. And even some mobile phones, if you’re rich enough, have the ability to take high quality pictures and record videos. As a result, business transactions are easily overseen and recorded. CEOs can now send and receive data from their offices even if they are on a business trip the same way a parent checks up on his child at home. Our phones today have also the capabilities of a modern computer. They can send and receive Word, Excel or even Adobe files.

But sad to say, these high-tech gadgets make us careless in our social interaction. Some people use these mobile phones to flirt or seduce other people by sending text messages or making calls to the person they want to have. And from these, elicit relationships are made. Mobile phones are also used by people who want an escape from an actual conversation from their annoying relatives or friends.

Health concerns are also being raised against mobile phones. Recent studies shows that frequent cell phone use can cause Parkinson’s and Alzheimers diseases. Radiation emitted from the signals mobile phones use can also damage our brain cells which can lead to cancer.

Regardless, mobile phones have truly made a significant impact in our lives. Though it has collected a number of detractors through the years, it still continues to charm more people with its stylish and practical physique and advanced attributes. And while the need for them is still there, mobile phones will only grow more influential in the future.

Basically, in choosing the perfect mobile phone, it is imperative to consider the above factors and situations. With such an unpredictable social climate, there should be proper regulation and application of these gadgets so as to avoid negative occurrences at the end

About the author: Ben Latsky is a phone systems specialist from Infiniti Telecommunications, who are market leaders in mobile phones and phone systems. You are welcome to reprint this article – but get your own unique content version here.

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