Instructions for Ingenious Visualization 2

Its amazing and magical how creative visualization works to make success for the he person who is visualizing. Yes, its magic ” totally natural magic and one of the most superb aspects of being a human being!

What is Magic? Magic is just understanding and getting in tune with the natural principles that govern our universe, and using those principles in a consciously creative way. Focus, visual focus is the key to success and Id like to take a few minutes to explain it to you.

How is Creative Visualization going to Work

Lets recapitulate how Creative Visualization works, by looking at 5 Universal principles:

1. The physical universe is made up of energy, (Law of Physics).

2. Energy is a magnetic force in nature (Law of Physics)

3. Equivalent energies attraction to each other (like attracts like-Universal Law of Attraction)

4. Form follows brainwork. Form/physical substance is created by thought/ mental energy. (Einstein)

5. Visualizing something creates a focus – a thought form, from your mind ” to Universal mind. (What you focus on. amplifies.)

6. Whatever you put out to the Universe will be get back to you. (What goes around comes around!)

The Four Basic Steps for Effective Creative Visualization

1. Set your objetive ” Tell yourself what you want

2. Create a clear idea or picture ” Imagine looking the way you want to look! See the goal achieved! With this close your eyes and see it in your minds eye many times a day. Feel your desire intensely.

3. Focus on it as much as possible

4. Give it positive energy. Think only good about it, feel only positive feelings.

Work this process until you achieve your goal, or you dont want it anymore. Goals often change before they manifest. If you lose interest, it usually means you need another goal.

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