How A Genius Does It

Conventional notion that you can’t be a genius if you aren’t born one has been proved false several times. So anybody can be a genius and that includes you as well. That your genes do not determine how intelligent you are was established by numerous studies.

The idea of who is a genius and who is not has to be understood clearly. All the great scientists were geniuses. Einstein, Newton just to name a few. Great musicians like Beethoven were geniuses too. But that’s not it. Guys whom you would call nerds, with thick fat glasses and are often the butt of many a ridicule are geniuses. People who have made a lot of money in very little time can be called genius too.

Little thinking about how they do it and it will be clear that they are masters at what they do. The sportsmen at his sport, the painter at art, the singer at his music and the business man in making money, all of them are geniuses. Their work is no sweat for them. No wonder others marvel them.

Geniuses set high standards for what they do. They can’t put up with failure. Every failure that they face is a learning moment and they milk the most out of it.

Difficulties are faced, when they occur, without batting an eye lid. Only on achieving success do they pause to catch their breath. Zeal and the ability to work keeps them focused on the goal. The importance of identifying opportunities and taking them as they come is another trait that helps a mere mortal turn into a genius. Geniuses are at the right place at right time doing the right thing!

To become a genius and remain one, the attitude has to be right. Negativity negates success. Optimism helps make positive changes required to rise to the occasion. The aspiration to learn can never be dropped if you want to succeed. Implementation of acquired knowledge in a planned manner will make you a genius.

Vicki Irvin has a passion for helping women entrepreneurs and business owners to succeed in business and attain the levels of success that they truly deserve. It has been her experience that women have a better chance of succeeding professionally if women work life balance can be achieved through effective time management and through proper self-care physically and emotionally.

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