Self Help Is Best For Overcoming Shyness

Some people get extremely nervous at the thought of talking to unfamiliar people. A thought of talking to unknown faces leads to a flutter in their stomach. Extreme amount of shyness can have a serious cascading effect on the social life of people. Social anxiety is a common problem in millions of people, who suffer from this disorder at some point in their lives. Treatment for this disorder exists in the form of cognitive behavioral cure.

Scientists actually thought that the family’s environment directly impacted the emotional growth of the children while they morph into adults. It is now clear that some people are shy by nature. Some people are able to manage and overcome this but some continue to suffer till the end of their lives. In today’s times, one doesn’t need to mingle face to face and can do social interactions virtually. Thanks to the internet and its associated characteristics like email interaction and computer gaming, the social interaction potential is greatly reduced. In order to cure this disorder, there are many things one can do to overcome its negative effects.

Firstly, you need to find out what triggers the chain of thoughts in our mind. You can’t be feeling shy in all situations. When do you really feel uncomfortable? Pose a question for yourself about this at the beginning itself. Does your mind start making negative predictions on its own without any logic? Try and challenge the negative thoughts before you start believing them and accepting them as true.

A shy person should start thinking in the direction that their thoughts are nothing but guesses. Do not put too much attention on information that confirms your belief in anxiety. One good way would be deflect your thoughts to something useful which disproves your negative thoughts. Everyone cannot be pleased all the time.

Put yourself right in the front and confront the negativity. It is a good idea to expose yourself to the situation as you yourself intentionally put yourself in situations which make you anxious. One of the best ways to deal with this is to constantly start facing situations so that the anxiety softens its grips and erodes away. The end objective should be to attract what you are fearful of and to realize that it isn’t a big deal. You may have a rumbling feeling in your stomach, but it is worth doing as soon as possible. The more you delay it, the more you will torture yourself.

Shyness is classified as a personality characteristic and is not considered to be a psychological or emotional disorder. It has various degrees of shyness. There is a category of people who feel nervous when they face an audience; some are extremely shy in so much as they start living reclusive lives. This is not how one should be living their life. For some people, shyness becomes some sort of a shell. It is quite safe, secure, warm and quiet for them. The flip side is that is can become highly dark, desolate, and confined.

Ask your family members and friends to support you. When you are in a difficult situation they will lend their help and provide pointers to you. If you know that there is someone out there to hand hold you, it becomes quite easy and comforting. Very soon, you will realize that you are gradually losing your fears and gaining confidence. When you attain a good social life, you will have a realization that how easy and comforting it is to meet people.

One now has many remedies to minimize shyness. Start taking one step a day or week, which will ensure that shyness turns out to be history. One can try a lot of other things as well, but these pointers can help you get to the right direction.

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