4 Ways To Stay Motivated In A Tough Job Market

Unemployment is rising well above 9% in the United States and it could go well beyond 10% as well. With the future looking bleak, gasoline prices rising, and unemployment on the rise as well, is there any hope for future jobs? On the contrary, if you’re in a tough situation where you may be unemployed for a time, it is crucial to stay motivated so that you’ll have every opportunity and are able to grab that next job offer when time permits. If you are having trouble staying focused or motivated in this tough job market and economy, though, there are four definite ways to keep the hope so that your future looks bright.

#1 – Network, Network, Network

Meeting people is the best way to get in the game. Submitting resumes online is great, but without a face to put with a name, you will be just a number to most employers. Going to job fairs, philanthropic events, joining local organizations and going to other networking events is a great way to meet potential employers and get your name out there. You may not know this, but your chances of getting hired somewhere significantly increase when you know the person who is doing the hiring. In addition, talking to people can open you up to a world of opportunities that you may not have known about before.

#2 – Think Positively

Positivity is what is going to get you through every day. If you are not positive, then your confidence will be lacking and your lack of confidence will show through in your resume and in your interview. In addition, being positive will help you to find more opportunities. You just have to keep your eye on the prize.

#3 – Get Your Resume Out There

Another step that you can do to keep yourself motivated and stay focused on achieving employment in this tough economy is to constantly have your resume in front of the right people. Go to your local job centers and search for job openings. Search Craigslist and other employment websites for employers posting job opportunities. Keep buying local newspapers for the classified job ads. If you apply to every single job opening that you see which you are qualified for then you may start seeing some results as they come.

#4 – Remember That This Too Shall Pass

Finally, keep in mind that nothing lasts forever. If there is one thing that you can be certain about it is change. Changes will continue to happen until the end of time; your job situation will change. You must continue to be proactive however, and keep looking, trying, and searching for a job until you find one.

These are just a few tips that are sure to help you find a job and keep you motivated while you are doing so. The most important thing to keep in mind is your mindset. Your mindset will have an effect on your success and your happiness. So be positive, stay motivated, and get ready to start your new job.

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