How To Live A Simple Comfortable Good Life

Introduction: A lot of people associate the good life with money, and that is the main reason why plenty aren’t happy at where they are right now. The good life is not dictated by what you have or what you don’t have, but by how you live your life regardless of your financial and social status.

Difficulty: 5

Things You’ll Need: writing materials, sports or hobby equipment, self opinionated, mirror, looking life at a perspective

Step 1: Make a list of all the things that you are grateful for. Using your writing materials, write down all the other good things that you are happy or grateful about. No matter how harsh life may be, surely there are still a lot of good stuff happening around.

Step 2. If you start to feel some painful emotions (i.e. you’re angry at someone, you’re mad about something, you’re sad about something), try to distract your thoughts and emotions by taking out your list and reading it.

Step 3. Start paying your debts. Debts can put you in constant worry, so resolve to start paying off all that you owe. Don’t loan anything else and don’t use your credit card to splurge and shop. Finish paying all your debts until all you have left is your mortgage.

Step 4: Bring out your writing materials and make a list of your life’s goals. All goals should be realistic and also attainable both in a short and long term basis. A few examples of these are like:

– Making someone smile each day

– Start a new hobby

– Finish a new book every week

Step 5: Look in the mirror and call your inner beauty. Telling yourself you are beautiful is never a conceit. Once you recognize your inner beauty, the outer beauty follows and unveils itself on the outside.

Step 6. Live within your means. Sometimes unhapiness starts when one want too much things. Remember your financial predicament. If you can afford to buy what you like, then by all means purchase it. But if you can’t, then don’t. You can save up if you really want something that bad, but don’t take out loans you can’t pay just so you that you can buy it.

Step 7: Value your relationship with others especially with your family. Do you currently share a good relationship with your parents, siblings and or friends? If not, make an effort to tweak it and bend it the right way. Foster healthy relationship with them as well as bridging gaps.

Step 8: Make busy with a new sport. If there’s something that interests you and you think is fun to do, then for a change try it!

Step 9. Keep Your Body and Mind Healthy. Practice control in what and how you eat and in your lifestyle as well. A fit body helps you enjoy life better on a day to day basis.

Step 10. Think positive. Confidence is key, and a dose of confidence has never hurt anyone.


– Try to live and adapt to it. Understand that there are things you can and you can’t buy.

– Since nothing is for free in life, save up and work on the things you currently can’t afford.

– Stay happy! Smile is the key!


– Laughter is still the best medicine but don’t over do it because you might be mistaken as something else.

– Look at life in a realistically manner in order to prevent heartaches and letdowns in the future.

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