How to Iron A Shirt Properly

So you don’t knwo how to iron a shirt, its ok. Most people have no clue how to iron a shirt properly but rather they assume the way they do it is the right way.

Ironing isn’t very hard. in fact it’s rather easy and the more times you do it, the faster and better you will become at it.

The method you are going to be taught right now requires no starch. Heck, you may not even know what starch is or what it does. Starch is used to give shirts that really crisp look and feel. You know, like when you try a new shirt on at a department store or remove it from the package. However; in this method we will be relying on water.

Before we go into the how-tos, you need to gather some items first such as an ironing board, an iron and a water bottle that has water in it

Take a look at your ironing board. The narrower, curved end is the “head” of the board. We will be using the head for ironing today. Take your shirt and pretend to put the shirt onto the board with the board entering the left hand side of the shirt first. You should have the left front of the shirt taking up the entire top of the ironing board and the rest of the shirt should be underneath the board. Spritz the shirt with your water bottle. Now, pull the shirt taught by pulling the material at the very bottom shirt and using the head of the board to build resistance on the shoulder or pectoral area of the shirt. Start ironing the shirt in the direction away from your pull at the bottom. When you move to the area where your buttons are, then just pull the lower left edge of the shirt and once again iron in the direction opposite of your pull.

Continue to do the front right side of the shirt in the same way.

Once you have done both front sides of the shirt, you then will need to do the back of the shirt. Take the shirt and place the back of the shirt so that the direct middle is on the ironing board. The back collar of the shirt should be right up at the edge of the “head” of the ironing board or even slightly hanging off. Pull the bottom of the shirt to create that taught resistance again and begin to spray the shirt and iron in the opposite direction of the pull. Once you finish the direct back just move the shirt slightly left or right to do the areas of the back of the shirt you may have missed.

The hardest part is over, now you simply have to do the sleeves. Just iron the sleeves by pulling taught and pressing the iron in the direction opposite of your pull. To do the cuffs, unbutton the cuffs and iron straight across the cuffs. Remember to spritz water across the cuffs to help press the shirt really good.

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