Tips to Build Muscle with the Help of Nutrition

A proper diet that is nutritionally balanced can have a major impact on an exercise or weight training program. Unfortunately, athletes often fail to recognize how important what they eat can be in their ability to reach their goals.

Take for instance bodybuilders who take weight loss to the extreme before a competition. Extreme weight loss produces a lot of stress on one’s body and this can lead to a difficulty in increasing muscle mass and strength over the long-term. You can avoid falling into the trap of a poor nutrition program by maintaining a log of your food and caloric intake, and making sure you follow the key nutritional guidelines for bodybuilders in training.

The book “Nutrition for the Recreational Athlete” states that an exclusive high-protein diet negatively affects an athlete’s training and career. Catherine Jackson, the book’s author, explains that eating purely protein for a prolonged period often causes irritability and lowers stamina. This can be remedied by initially consuming adequate amounts of calories. ou can avoid the pitfalls of poor nutrition by making sure you’re not experiencing any of the following throughout your training program:

Limited Strength: If an athlete eats too little protein while training it will decrease their ability to improve their strength. Choose foods that are lean and high in protein such as egg whites, tofu and lean proteins like chicken. Avoid high fat proteins.

Irritability and moodiness: Low blood sugar can cause an individual to feel irritable. If you are having difficulty concentrating it may be a result of insufficient carbohydrates. If you are experiencing either of these things during your training session try eating healthy carbohydrates throughout the day. Eating carbs at regular intervals helps to stabilize your blood sugar. Add fruit, vegetables and whole grains in limited amounts during the day.

Decreased Immunity to Illness: If you are finding that you are getting sick more often, it is probably a result of improper nutrition in your diet. This can wreak havoc on your training sessions. Keep variety in your diet and be certain that what you are eating has sufficient quantities of the B-vitamins and minerals.

Reduced pace – If you’ve been focused on increasing endurance but can’t get past your usual times on the treadmill or during your sprint sessions, you may not be fueling up or eating before your workout. Eat just a small amount of carbohydrate 1 hour before training. This will give you the fuel you need especially if you are training for speed.

No Ambition: If you are losing your desire and interest in your training program, it may be because of the poor diet you are feeding your body. Your body needs ample calories and nutrients to thrive under an intense training program. You may need to eat several small meals throughout the day and get an extra hour or two of sleep. Multiple small meals will help keep your blood sugar level at a consistent level. Sufficient sleep is needed to both rest your body and give it a chance to repair itself.

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