Fast Weight Loss Diets – Which One Of These Will Strip Away Fat At Supersonic Speeds?

Nobody wants to lose weight slowly. So it’s very important to know the fast weight loss diets that you can use to lose the flab and get to your target weight. In this article, I’ll describe to you three of the best diets that give very quick weight loss.

Cabbages In Soup

This diet only lasts seven days and not usually longer than that. The idea behind it is that you eat only a very low calorific food as your mainstay.

You can lose nearly 10 pounds in a week. But the major problem with this diet is that much of the weight that comes off is probably water. We know this because most people put the weight straight back on.

Overall it’s not a bad diet though because it’s only supposed to be followed for a week. Longer than that and you will start to get seriously malnutritioned.

Low GI Diet

Every type of food has a glycemic index. With this diet you eat low GI foods. This means they deliver their energy more slowly.

Actually the low GI diet works fairly well. By eliminating white bread, white sugar and anything that is refined, it is easier to keep yourself from being hungry.

Overall this is a decent diet but there is one disadvantage. The weight loss is not particularly fast compared to other diets.

My Diet

This year, I lost a total of 44 pounds in just 4 months. The cool thing about it was how I achieved it.

First, I listened to my hunger. I only eat when I am hungry (sometimes you think you are but you are not). I also stop eating when I am no longer hungry anymore. I never feel “stuffed” anymore.

Secondly, I now eat better than before. I get a good breakfast every morning consisting of low glycemic index foods and fruit. I’m no vegetarian though and I can still eat junk food whenever I feel like it.

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