Kick Out Multiple Organization Tools And Get A PIM

There are so many communication and organization tools available today. Which ones do you use? When it comes to this type of programs most users think about email, instant messenger, a scheduler and internet telephony with Skype.

It can be a hard task to add all different data, like appointments, notes, tasks and contacts into a single tool and don’t lose the overview. This often results into several tools, one for its own type of data. This way of organization may result in a higher level of confusion. When your different tools aren’t synced with each other, you need to ask yourself which program is holding the information you currently need.

The answer is clear: yes and no. It’s depending on which tools you’re using and how adequate they are supporting you with your daily organization. Ask yourself: “How long does it take to find a contact’s email or phone number?” “How difficult is it to find a free time slot for a new meeting?” There are quite a lot of users, which still use MS Excel for planning and organization. When you’re belonging to the ones who use Excel for daily organization you should rethink your workflow process and start using tools which have been developed fort the organization (Excel is good when it comes to calculating, but not for organization).

There are a lot of free and commercial tools available which only have been created to make your workflow smarter and support you with your daily work. These applications are called Personal Information Managers (PIMs) and will put your organization on a new level.

PIMs consist of an email client, an appointment, a task, contact and note manager, offer a rich set of functions especially for communication and planning. Think about a scheduler which can be synced with others and that shows you with one click when several users have time for a new meeting. Think about a contact manager with search and filter options that let you initiate a chat or Skype session with just a few clicks. Sounds good? Then take a look on the available PIMs and give it a try. The most known PIM is MS Outlook, but there are some alternatives to it like Pimero, iCal or Lotus Organizer.

Gerard Schwabe is senior project manager at soft-evolution, an innovative provider of team management software Pimero.

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