Free to Use – A Character Reference Letter Template

It’s worthwhile filing a good sample of a character reference letter for use down the track.

If you’re asked to write a reference letter, it would be assumed by all that it will be written in a positive manner. After all, by definition, a reference is simply that. You’re referring one person to another & you would not do that if the person you’re referring is not legitimate, would you?

That’s Just Common Sense Isn’t It?

Some businesses state that providing character reference letters is against company policy. If you’re against writing one, certainly this makes it easy for you.

If the company you work for has this policy, it’s possibly not a good move to go ahead & write one.

If the particular individual has high credibility & you rate them as such, then you really should write one… Grab a plain sheet to write it on. You may wish to check with your boss prior to writing it, the last thing you want to do is jeopardise your job.

It’s not an easy task to create a letter that has impact, it takes practice so if you don’t have the confidence or skill to do it, ask someone else.

I’ve provided the following sample letter to get you started…

25 September 2009

Dear Sir

David Johnson has been employed with The Stevens Corporation since 2001 in the position of Chief Engineer.

One great facet of David’s skill set is his high level of communication which has been directly responsible for this company securing a number of major, international contracts.

Always first in line to go the extra mile, David is a very determined individual who takes great pride in his work, is a terrific team player & follows instructions to the letter.

A man of extreme talent, since David has been with us, I have seen growth in his particular area of expertise which has bolstered the reputation of this company.

A terrific team player, David has been a delight to be associated with.

All of us at here at The Stevens Corporation, and our customers, wish him every success in the future.

Yours sincerely,

Bill Johnson

Layout is Important…

It’s always best to write your character reference letter in a standard business format so those that read it can do so without any problems.

And a definite benefit is to add your contact information so those who wish to contact you, are able to.

GOOD WRITTEN COMMUNICATION IN THE BUSINESS WORLD… is more than desirable, it’s a critical ingredient. Those that can write any letter, not to mention a sample character reference letter are truly fortunate (I call them blessed) as it most certainly is an art in every sense of the word.

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