Telepathy For Dummies: A Short How To Guide

ESP along with many of its subcategories have always been delegated to eccentric ideas. Astral projection, mediums, telekinesis, fortune telling, and tarot readings, etc. All of them have gone through periods of intense skepticism and some of them were unable to survive the pressure. Even now there are some practices that have lasted millions of years that are only practices sparingly in the homes of the few who are still loyal to them.

There are many cases of twin telepathy. Some can finish the other’s sentences, tell when their sibling is upset, etc. But lately more and more people are claiming the ability and skeptics are unable to demote it with the excuse of blood ties.

When you’re young you try it, if only to see if you’re able to pull it off, but there’s never much seriousness behind the attempt. That’s your first mistake. Any effort towards telepathy should be a serious one. It ties into the thought that without a solid belief that telepathy will work then it won’t. You’re pushing your brainwaves into uncharted territory so a strong conviction is essential.

Switch between the roles to find what best suits you. After that is established, find a quiet place to relax. Your partner can be in the room with you or further away. Whoever is the receiver should have a notebook where they can record the emotions or impressions that they receive during the exercise. The next step is to empty your minds and while a familiarity with meditation can help, it is not necessary. Visualize your receiver along with a connection linking you with him or her.

ITTI also offers a safe place where those with the same interests can discuss and share. If a group session seems like too much to handle for now then that is fine. I will make things simpler by providing you with a few easy steps just to get you on the right track.

First clear your mind, second picture a connection running between you and the person you’re trying to communicate with. After that concentrate and send your thoughts down that connection. Repeat and continue to practice until it becomes easier and you and your partner start to have more consistent results.

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