The Many Choices Of Cell Phones And Plans

Cell phones can be quite expensive, especially when you add in the monthly plan. If you are looking for cheap phones, they are out there but the sales person will often try to sell you something that is several levels up from what you need. They have commissions and quotas to meet and sometimes they can use your inexperience to get you to buy a more expensive phone that you planned on when you walked in the door.

In the modern world of technology, having the latest and greatest gadgets is almost seen as a sign of prestige. It is not cool to go into a store and buy the cheapest cell phone or cell phone plan. Unless you are older and really don’t care what anyone else thinks, this mentality is hard to overcome. When all your friends have the newest phones, it is difficult to settle for less than they all have.

However, not everyone wants to spend the big bucks on the newest cell phones that come out monthly. If you want and inexpensive phone and don’t know where to find one, there is one great place where you can usually find a nice selection. That place is Ebay and that is where many people list their old phones when they upgrade to a new one. Some people always want to have the latest technology and when they list their phones they are usually close to new. You will be surprised at the number of cheap phones and the quality you can get on Ebay if you just search a little.

Another idea is if you have time to wait, be patient until one of the major carriers has a promotion. Actually they are having different promotions most of the time but some are better than others. By paying attention to what the different offers are, you will be able to find the best plans and phones for cheaper than you might have thought. There is so much competition in the cell phone industry that for someone who is patient and doesn’t need a phone right away, a pretty good promotional plan can be found to save you some much needed money.

As more manufacturers add new capabilities to their phones they keep on getting more and more advanced. One has to wonder if people really need all the new features and it seems that some of the phones are nothing more than expensive toys. If you dont care about all the latest technologies added into the newer phones, you will be able to find older phones that people are trying to unload. If you can get a good phone for a cheap price and then not get overcharged for a plan that is more than you need, you will be able to afford your first cell phone.

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