What It Takes To Find A Free Cell Phone

What to know about obtaining a free cell phone means learning the two major methods for doing so. The most common is that one will find a wireless provider that is giving away a phone as a promotional item. For sure, just about everyone today is doing so. In the other, one will participate in a government sponsored program that helps people of certain incomes obtain phones and the airtime to use them.

This can really be something for those who just can’t afford even those pay-upfront cell phone packages. They may not even be able to afford a stand-alone telephone in a home. What is for certain these days is that going without some kind of communication device such as a telephone or cell phone can really put a person at a disadvantage, including when it comes to an emergency situation.

There are a number of organizations and companies out there that can help a person obtain a free cell phone that includes a certain number of minutes per month that will roll over if they are unused and also the placement of them into a good cellular service provider. At the least, these programs can help people obtain cellular service at discounted rates. Income levels will be examined before entry into the program.

For the most part, those wishing to qualify to obtain a free cell phone using government programs have to already be enrolled in some sort of other federal or state program that provides assistance. This may be those who live in public housing or are drawing on Medicaid for their health needs or are receiving food stamps. Income levels are not that strenuous, though.

Those who are receiving less than-5% of the income laid out in federal poverty guidelines or state guidelines generally qualify. Also, no one else in the household can be participating in the cell phone program that is available via sponsorship of the government. However, most people will not have this particular problem when it comes to obtaining a phone.

Keep in mind that anyone wishing to be approved for this sort of aid must also have a real home address and not just a post office box. And, those who hope to be approved will need to be able to supply proof of their participation in one of the programs discussed above. This also is generally no problem, as both the federal government and the states provide plenty of documentation.

When you get right down to it, what it takes to find a free cell phone means that one will be looking at either these government programs or entering into a very basic agreement with just about any wireless cell phone service provider. Many of them are practically throwing in free phones just as a promotional gimmick in order to get someone to sign up with their service these days.

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