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Why in the New Testament are there four Gospels? It is an important question. These are not photographs of Jesus. They are better described as portraits. Each has a slightly different emphasis We were considering and meditating upon the reasons as to why John wrote his Gospel. John wants us to believe and to believe correctly, and to believe what is right, and to believe what is worth believing.

Counsel/Way/Presence of the Godly & Love of His Word (vv. 1-2) As the first and second verses ascribe to the negative and positive, we’re to be careful who we spend lots of time with. It seems a device of first up command in wisdom literature tradition–something a young man or woman needs to be aware of. We must seek the consistent council/counsel/way of the godly persons in our midst. There are various ways the parallelism of the lines of this first verse could be viewed. Progression is favoured: the godly person walks; they see the godly and stand–having gotten his/her attention; then, they sit in “council” with them. (Though negatively set, I’ve tried to transpose it positively.)

Spiritual healing can help clarify things a little bit more for them. Healing spiritually requires a lot of meditation and thinking over how success has molded you and how it has changed you as a person. You may be financially stable, but still arrogant. Being boastful (not in a good way) of what you have is not a good thing, and this also requires some form of healing so that you can help get rid of that arrogance and replace it with generosity and humility.

For the person who has been hurt many times in life. Everyone carries some hurt in one way or another. Life is never perfect, and so you are bound to experience something painful at some point in your life. When you do, sometimes it can be hard to recover. Spiritual healing is needed so that you can move on, because in order to forgive the people you have wronged you, you may first need to forgive yourself.

(Conditional on Input 1) God’s Provision of Water, Feeding the Tree of Life (v. 3) The ‘tree of life’ is mentioned variously throughout the Bible and importantly it’s a bookend at both ends in Genesis and Revelation. Pivotally, it’s also alluded to no less than four times in Proverbs. But, this ‘tree of life’ is not just about source–where we go to. Our lives are metaphors of plant life. Whether we wither and slowly die or we grow and thrive depends on input one. God has set up the conditions for us to realise the divine prophesy in our lives provided we do this. He orders the flow of our lives hence; in the presence of water our burgeoning fruit thrives–ready for a season that yet awaits.

For the person who has hurt a lot of people. The hurtful person has always been misunderstood. Many people are under the impression that these are people who are mean, cruel, and quite simply put, bullies. However, this may not always be the case. More often than not, you will realize that most “bullies” will claim to have a lot of baggage and issues that often make them mean and angry all the time. Many people who intentionally hurt others have been hurt themselves. Bullying is a sign that spiritual healing has not yet happened and needs to happen before the person really hurts someone else. It is especially frustrating and painful to see a hurt person coping with the pain by hurting others to numb it. Therefore, the person needs to accept the past and move on with optimism for the present and the future.

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