TNT the Power Within You by Claude M Bristol and Harold Sherman – Critical Book Review

It is an almost must to set aside a portion of your business-building budget for personal development. You might spend that in any number of ways from CDs, to books, to conferences, to dinner invitations with mentors. What is the purpose of all this stuff? It is continuing education. I’m sure you are aware that teachers, doctors and CPAs all need a certain number of course credits to renew their license each year. If network marketers want to be regarded as professionals, shouldn’t we do the same? If you want generate the type of “walk-away” income that the leaders have, you too need to continually invest in your people skills, mindset and posture.

I Sought It- This is the time in your life when you become focused on a thought, a desire, a revelation. This happened to me after I first heard about how people were making money on the internet, changing their lives, tapping the power of the growth of the web. Since the real estate market had spiraled down so quickly, this captured my attention. I often contemplated, “Why can’t I do that? I can do that. I would like to do that a whole lot better than what I’m doing now. What’s stopping me?”

Five Messages in Beach Money that Spoke to Me 1.The Road to Success is Filled with Potholes. From Beach Money: Jordan Adler failed or quit at 11 network marketing companies before becoming a legend in his current company. What I took away: Success was always inside of him. Success requires tenacity and devotion. The skills of network marketing take time to acquire and master. The only way to acquire those skills is to keep going. After all, most entrepreneurs in ‘traditional’ business go out of business the first time. Nine out of 10 start-ups fail. Without a few ‘learning experiences’ behind them, many venture capitalists won’t even fund an entrepreneur. Facing, learning from, and moving past adversity is an essential trait in a leader. 2.Multi-Level Marketing is an Investment. From Beach Money: If your life is yardstick, the time you spend building your network marketing business is only a few inches. What I took away: This got me thinking about a typical day. The time I devote to reading, listening to CDs, and talking to leaders in my lifetime is very much like the time I spend reading with my kids in any given day. It is a small percent of my whole day, but it will have a lifelong impact and no one can ever take it away from me (or them). Education is always an investment (not a cost). Stop looking at the cost of that book, cost of that conference, cost of that training package and start thinking about how quickly you can apply what you will learn to get the greatest return on your investment.

Finally after all of these interviews, the King did not have the answer he was seeking until a small slip of a girl presents a very old and tarnished medallion. The elder reads it aloud with this final message: Wisdom is not in the having. Wisdom is in the seeking. Always seek wisdom and ye shall have it. The King becomes very excited about this revelation and encourages all in the kingdom to embrace the sharing of wisdom.

I Sought It stage: This is the sweat equity stage. You become like a maniac on a mission- you can’t think of anything else. He writes that you have that look in your eye. You have the eye of the tiger on the hunt. This was the most dynamic and exciting stage for me. I can see my dream. I can feel it, put words to it, measure it. It’s alive. It’s a driving force that makes waking up a new and fresh experience again. Life is purposefully renewed. I Got It! You’re there- living your dream! You’ve paid the price and are reaping the rewards. And you’re so happy that you really did it- the feeling of accomplishment. You sleep better. Your life is not crippled with the cancer of regret. Franklin writes,”My worst fear is to be sitting in a rocking chair forty years from now saying what if?” I don’t want to look back on my life and see a bunch of lost, discarded dreams in my wake… a crumpled heap of what ifs. I want to be able to say “I got it.” Don’t you?

I Taught it. Now it’s time to teach it, to give it away, to mentor and empower others. Jentzen asks, “Who are you mentoring and who is mentoring you?” Which step are you at in life? Which step would you truly like to be pursuing? Is there a way? Is there someone who would lead you? Is there still time? Jim Rohn says, “People have to experience one of two pains in life- the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. The pain of discipline eventually goes away. The pain of regret never does.” The choice is yours. (Thanks and ‘perspective writing credits’ go to my wife Lynn Anne who has been instrumental in this endeavor with undying support. Without her love and friendship, this journey would have never begun. I love you Baby)

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