Telepathic Humans – Just A Myth?

When we say someone is ‘telepathic’ what do we really mean? Most people just dismiss the idea of telepathy as belonging to mysticism or science fiction. On the other hand, don’t we live in a world where people fly on a regular basis? Where information floats invisibly through the air for use with laptops and cell phones? Where anyone can conjure a flame in their hand with the use of a $1 cigarette lighter?

Magic and advanced technology, it is said, are indistinguishable from each other. But the use of technology and science have been used to learn things about the world around us. And we’ve accomplished what was once thought of as being impossible, a few centuries ago. Think of space flights and the first man walking on the moon. There is also the exploration of the deepest parts of the ocean which was only possible using recent technology. Energy can now be created from natural sources, water, wind and the sun. And don’t forget the cell phone, which gives us the ability to speak with anyone, worldwide.

Is it really too much to believe in the possibility of a telepathic individual? Surely it is possible for someone to simply develop mental properties which others don’t have, even if we don’t understand how they do it.

The scientific investigation of Telepathic people falls under the area of paraphysics or parapsychology. The people who investigate it, paraphysicists or parapsychologists, try hard to use experiments and the scientific method to answer questions about telepathy, whether or not they like the answers they find.

Some experiments on people with Telepathic powers have produced tantalizing results. In order to consider something scientifically provable, however, the test results must be measurable, consistent, and repeatable. This is where the scientific investigation of telepathy falls short. The test results are inconsistent and can’t always be duplicated. Some say this proves people can’t really be Telepathic. Others say this only proves that we don’t understand how it works yet, and haven’t developed the proper tests to measure it.

How is it possible there are individuals who are Telepathic? How do they communicate with only their minds without using all their other senses? Obviously it is by a means not understood completely. One that doesnt involve hearing, taste, smell or touch, but nevertheless exists. Think what can be done using our advanced communication technology. You can’t see, feel, smell or touch radio waves, but we all know they exist.

Some people talk about the concept of ‘thought waves’ These are Scientifically proven to exist and generated by the brain and studies of telepathy are based on this fact. Explaining this information in easier to understand terms will be a little difficult, so please stay with us.

Scientifically, human thought is just a biochemical process of neurons being transferred between different synapses in the brain. However, this transfer of neurons creates an electrical current. Tiny, sure, but measurable. This electrical current also generates a tiny magnetic field. Keep in mind the brain has tens of thousands of synapses firing at any one time.

Can this bio-electric and bio-magnetic field be used by humans to communicate mind-to-mind? Do these electrical and magnetic waves carry content, or just the brain equivalent of meaningless static? Can people use mental training to control these brain waves? Can techniques like meditation or controlled thought be used to shape these brain waves into meaningful communication?

Does it mean telepathy exists if we call an individual ‘telepathic’? Most people do not believe this to be true. They simply do not believe it to be real and dismiss the idea as science fiction or mysticism. We live everyday with computers (all kinds) and cell phones. These items all use invisible waves, in the air, to function and people travel daily, thousands of people, in computer controlled jets.

Is there any way the electrical and magnetic fields of the human brain can be boosted? Perhaps. Sometimes for example, during a heightened emotional state (such as pain, shock, fear, or feeling endangered), more neural synapses fire simultaneously, temporarily creating a spike in bio-electrical and bio-magnetic brain waves.

Researchers of parapsychology have documented brief Telepathic communications. One instance is a mothers knowing her child has been hurt, even though they are separated by many miles. This fear and anxiety the parent experiences creates the spiking of neurons and is this brain activity telepathically communicating? Does the relationship between two individuals contribute to telepathy? Or perhaps is this all just coincidence?

Unfortunately, there is not enough scientific evidence at the moment to prove that telepathy is a fact beyond doubt, as far as mainstream science is concerned. However this is gradually changing as more and more studies are showing that telepathic communication really does exist and with the right training, all humans can learn to become telepathic.

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