How To Build Trust In The Workplace

It is hard to know who and what to trust in anymore. Society is enduring a difficult time right now, with ethics seeming to take a back seat in some corporate and even government circles. Every day seems to bring new reports of layoffs, and what was once certain no longer feels like a guarantee. So it’s no surprise that 62% of people are reportedly less trusting trusting of businesses now than a year ago, according to a recent Edelman survey across 20 countries.

John G.Agno highlights his point that that trust and a good reputation in the marketplace is most aided by a “strong, stable strategy,” with the example of Southwest Airlines, a company with the same business strategy for nearly four decades, and one that has managed to largely avoid the blows dealt to other airlines in recent years.

Example of Southwest Airlines was again cited by Mary Jo Asmus at Intentional Leadership. According to her another way to build trust in the market place is in the concepts of servant leadership and sharing of power.

These strategies are not very effective when the organization is facing mass layoffs and fighting for its very survival. Believe it or not, even this ordeal can be a trust-building exercise. As Wally Bock at Three Star Leadership put it carefully, “Adversity doesn’t build character. It reveals it.”

Always remember invest the time and resources into taking care of the people who have brought so much to the table for so many years. Ultimately, the way an organization handles layoffs will directly affect its reputation in the industry and possibly even the entire marketplace when good times resurface.

No one is asking you to spend a fortune on them, how well your laid-off employees fare is a strong indicator of how much trust will be placed in your organization in the future.

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