Fear Not And Have Faith-Steps To Financial Prosperity

We have discussed many ways on making money effectively. However, you need to understand that no matter how well you apply the principles taught; there are factors that will block your path to financial freedom if you allow it. One of the most common of these hindrances is fear.

Fear comes in many forms; worry is a subtle and prevalent feeling people take on in relation to money. Remember, if we can use the law of attraction to draw good to us-it can also work to attract that which we constantly meditate about.

Job is a character in the Bible that shows this principle at work. He was a godly and honest fellow who experienced severe trials in life. The reason is because he operated in fear much of the time. He cried out, “Behold, the thing I fear has come to visit me.”-and it happened as he feared it would.

In relation to our finances, we will never reach our highest potential if we are always worried about making money and expecting deficiency of resources. See, fear is not the insubstantial emotion people mistake it to be-far from it. When we meditate on fear, it will trigger the law of attraction and keep prosperity from us.

There are too many people that live like paupers. It’s not that they don’t have money; they just hoarded it up because of fear that their finances will run out. Therefore they experienced what they meditated on. Their poverty mentality never gave them the financial freedom that was available in their reality.

Let me tell you something else about fear, it grows when you allow yourself to be bombarded with negative and pessimistic news. To be any kind of success in the world, you must learn to stop taking stock of all the opinions of people around you and listen instead to the sure and quiet voice within you.

In his book Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill states that opinions are the cheapest commodities on earth, and they are. Everyone has some and they are only too willing to share it, regardless its validity. The quality of your life hinges on your decision on which voice you choose to heed.

Fear not and decide to heed God’s voice above everyone else. Napoleon Hill achieved personal and financial success through this formula-we can too starting today.

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