The Best Place to Meet Women With Zero Competition

Forget the pubs. Forget personal ads. I just discovered a great place to meet women that you might not have realized. I’m sure you know that a sexy woman is not going to fall into your lap. The job of getting out there and meeting her is entirely up to you. The coolest part about this little secret is that it will also help you get better at communicating and meeting more women.

So what is this secret place? It’s not a bar. It’s not the gym. It’s an improv comedy class! You would be shocked by the amount of cute and single women that attend these classes. It’s the perfect place for meeting new friends and since everyone is there to learn how to be a better communicator and have fun, there is little pressure. It’s the perfect opportunity to meet new women.

You’ll find the vibe of an improve comedy class is going to be top notch and the women you’ll meet are creative, fun and a little crazy. (my favorite kind) Best of all, this type of thing is exactly what is going to make you more attractive to women. You are not sitting on your couch after work, you are getting out in the world and bettering yourself. That instantly shows you are different than most men she meets.

The classes teach you how to think fast in conversation, how to tell good stories and how to be more funny. Story-telling and humor are like dynamite to a woman’s attraction wiring. This is the perfect idea to meet women and brush up on your attractive qualities. Think about it.

The classes are almost always free to try out so there is no reason you shouldn’t give it a shot. Who knows, you just might meet an awesome women to practice your new improv skills with. Nowhere else will you find such a fun environment with little pressure and zero competition.

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