Missoula Chiropractor says Transform Your Life in 2010-A Quick Start Guide to a Life of Abundance!

When the clock strikes midnight, the ball will drop this New Years. The confetti will erupt and the champagne corks will fly. The final chapter of 2009 is quickly coming to an end and we prepare now to turn the page. Just as quickly as they started, the festivities will end. The buzz will die, and life will normalize just as the hangover starts to set in. The sun will rise, a new year will be upon us and life as we know it will be very much the same. Without a definite plan, the smoke and hope you have mustered up regarding changinng your life will smolder into cold ash. That is without a plan. Follow these three powerful strategies instead and create massive change in your life in 2010!

1. Begin with the end in mind- Is there something you want to accomplish this year? What do you want? To lose weight? Gain muscle? Make more friends? Have more time with your family? Your goals are yours. Establish goals in all aspects of your life starting with the end in mind. From there you can work backwards. All goals must be measurable and obtainable. To help you with the brainstorming process, utilize Mind Mapping software. You can download a free version of “Free Mind” and map your thoughts. Define EXACTLY what you want! Remember that fuzzy targets do not get hit!

2. Control self talk-Our thoughts are the most powerful tools we have. Thoughts are critical factors in our success and this is why I refer to them as tools. Understand now that controlling your thoughts dictates the outcome of the game. You have the ability to control the messages in your brain; the 2500 words per minute running through your mind that dictate who you are, and what you are capable of. Most of these thoughts have been taught to us by somebody else. Are you even aware that your attitudes about health and wealth were sculpted by your mothers, fathers, teachers, preachers, coaches and big pharmacy since birth? Start sifting through the rubble of such thoughts and ask if your beliefs are serving you or not. As we start to change our beliefs on a fundamental level, our outcome potential also changes dramatically. Visualize yourself a lean, toned, athletic, wealthy and successful individual. Believe you are on your way there now. Change your beliefs about what is possible. Modify the self talk and I promise you will change your life!

3. Record your progress- Would you believe that by writing down everything that goes into your mouth, you will lose 10 pounds this month? Do it and find out what happens. When you set a goal, record every action and effort you make that has an impact on achieving said goal. Successful people keep score. Do you know the score in your life? Play every ace! Write down the decisions you are making and have someone else evaluate whether the actions are driving you closer or further from the goal.

Implement these three powerful strategies today and believe they will change your life. Know that they will work! Fail forward FAST and without fear. If you want something to change in your life, YOU must change. Believe that everything you desire is obtainable and expect miracles to happen! I wish you a life of abundance! This is Dr. Shaun Stuto.

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