How To Stop Blushing – Cure Blushing Fast and Permanently

There you are walking with your good friend down a hall way, both of you are invested in a conversation actively listening and responding to each other not even noticing the other people walking past.

As you fast approach a door way to your next class or meeting you enter the room as normal, out the corner of your eye you become aware of someone looking at you. In a split second it all starts to begin, first you start to feel a tingling in your face, your heart beats faster and you sense the nervous energy rushing up your legs. The tingling turns in to a burning heat and before you can grad a hold of what is about you happen you face is bright red and you notice you are blushing.

You do your best to hide it from everyone by tilting your head down and looking away from everyone and try and find a safe place for 10 minutes to clear your thoughts. But it is not good as soon as it starts your blushing takes hold of you are you are nervous as hell.

Has this ever happened to you? It has happened to me!

I suffered from excessive blushing for many years. It wasn’t until I was in my mid twenties until I got control of it and since then I have never had the problem again.

The funny this was that once I discover the right approach it was quite easy to stop my blushing. I did do a lot of research, I was plagued with thoughts and questions that needed to be answered like:

* Is it a genetic thing or environmental?

* Is it physiological or physical?

* Can you really cure blushing?

* Why did it seem that I blushed for no reason?

* Could what I am eating have any thing to do with my facial blushing?

One thing for sure when I was looking for answers to my questions it that I didn’t want to do surgery or take any dangerous drugs. I did find many answers to my questions and I discovered many ways to stop blushing.

As I mentioned I found many ways to stop blushing, a couple that worked really well were NLP or Neuro-linguistic programming and hypnosis. However the big break though and what really made the big difference to help me stop my blushing problem was when I discovered Chelsea Schaeffer and her step by step manual about how to stop blushing.

I struggled with excessive facial blushing for many years causing me enormous social anxiety and embarrassment until I discovered how to stop blushing for good, yes for good, and I stopped it without all the drugs, creams, medication, hypnosis, and definitely without surgery. Get a totally unique version of this article from our article submission service

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