They are great, but not good enough

I was talking with a friend, who was talking about the combination of low self-esteem and ego, who told him he was living in her work as an artist sells works of art to exhibitions and gallery. Neither are most suitable, an unlimited number of trips can be formed, in the sense of being unwanted. selfishness or higher is not necessarily a bad thing, but it should not be automatic. I leave my ego intact if not sailing or putting the line of both. If you are involved in what I'm trying to do, because even if it can strengthen my ego, which can also miss, leaving everything out there, To hang dry and does not go Well, the end might end up returning to a greater degree of disenchantment, where you give away my membership had become the most part a climax, with the lights on and did not want to run at least until a preset level. Instead of letting the dim light as the areas can and will be gray, fall all the way from black to white or vice versa, and lose other settings and interpretations that can be found in the possibility of gray area. I'm so frustrated that my design mechanism is disabled creative improvements that can help. The Creator is not an insider, forand, because they may be disappointed with what I found there, as was first. flowers new way of thinking to flourish, such as stopping the flow of water creative. Ego, in general, is very valuable, based on things that I'm willing to make ad sites that are ready to go. But it could well be high ego illusions of grandeur, what I look at my ego and what I'm getting really. What do I adjusted with the ego to do something, something you might want? says that I am an ego maniac. . Expectations are apparently there. However I have internalized the expectations of external sources, which are a good source or not so good sources. and the manifestation of my ego is also a problem. I have to see to believe otherwise, can not be true, in fact I have to watch again and again. The sea urchin may not be there, but I can not really say where I am? From the extermination is no doubt, the self, the self becomes the arbiter and stain proof, which may still contain the truth and reality. The problem with low self-esteem is that I am hesitant on that basis. P low self-esteem, only exacerbate the problem. But at least I realized that my acthe behavior of others, what I'm doing, could in fact or in effect, is attributed to low self-esteem. Self-esteem is somehow only a cloak, like the ozone layer is fragile and depends on conservation. If I am injecting fluorocarbons in the atmosphere, which could change the fragile ozone layer, also potentially putting a hole. Some factors can have a direct effect. If I have low self-esteem, on the basis of 20 kilos of being overweight and losing weight, the fragile ecosystem of my low self-esteem has been amended and are, and it is not consciously or unconsciously, to other factors of production in a The types of conservation, distorted, yes, but my ego has been identified in the continuum of my low self-esteem and if I can not fid it exists now, where is it? This is the reason that can sabotage the things he wants or can not be good for me because I have no problem finding my self there. Then I try to set my ego forward in the search when it finally arrives, little by this ego development may cause the transition from the present. As an attempt to identify much of my ego into something that has not happened yet. I get angry when I can not find my ego, because he has lost somewhere between the advanced ego mania for future greatness, and my self-es. I am angry with myself lost and the project of my anger toward someone in my path. Is not the way to win friends and influence people.

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