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Where Can I Get Body Language Advice?

Few of us exude the ultimate in self-confidence, especially when we are getting ready to go out on a new date. It’s natural to be nervous, excited and to anticipate what could be the start of a long and fruitful relationship and it is normal to feel the butterflies in your stomach. You tend to worry about how you will project yourself and what he will think of you after the first date.

If you are a worrier at heart, you may be seeking a lot of body language advice for your first meeting with the cute guy you have always had your eye on. People say that you can tell a lot about someone just by looking at body language and how do you know whether he is a body language advice expert to start off with!

We can learn from body language advice experts who tell us that we need to come from a position of dominance whenever we meet somebody. This is not to say that you should be aggressive, but rather assertive, as natural confidence appears very palatable to others. Talking a lot does not cut it as a picture will always tell 1000 words. Subconsciously, you won’t get the message across.

Whether we like it or not, first impressions and instant decisions are a part of our lives. When we get those certain “vibes” we’re never sure what they actually mean, but subconsciously we need to listen to body language advice as this can help us during those crucial moments.

Maintaining eye contact is the rule number one when listening to body language advice. It is absolutely essential that you do this as it says a lot about a person.Looking at somebody squarely in the eye is a deliberate action and should not be underestimated. Remember not to break your gaze until after he does, as otherwise it is seen as an act of submission.

Apart from common courtesy, don’t involve yourself with doing other tasks when you are talking to someone. This is essentially rude and if you don’t engage them by looking in the eyes this tells a lot. It is such a critical part of body language advice.

Posture is also very important when you meet somebody for the first time. Never slouch, whether you are standing or sitting and it maybe time for you to think about your workout regime to help you. Stand up straight and take deep breaths and it is amazing how much more positive you will feel.

When we are presented with a potentially awkward moment, we often resort to nervous gestures to help us. Try and find your inner calm before you go out on that date and don’t engage in nervous twitches, tapping hand gestures and other moments that can be so distracting.

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Dating Tales Do Not Always Have to Be Bad

Do not worry if you have a long list of dating tales, as you are in good company. We all have had encounters that we would rather forget as we go down the road trying to find the perfect guy. Sometimes you are convinced that you have finally scored only for something really unusual to take place, adding another tale to that sorry list.

Sometimes you meet somebody online and isn’t it always the case that his description and photograph is far more glowing than the real-life version. We tend to build up an impression in our minds of the person on the other end of the keyboard and when we finally get to meet, sadly it is almost always a letdown. Nevertheless, the Internet remains one of the best ways to break the ice.

Have you ever wondered to yourself about the sanity of some of those guys that you meet? We have all heard about the girl who goes out with a guy who will not stop talking about how he missed days gone by. His constant reminiscing really made the whole evening rather depressing. He should have left his dating tales at home and as he was rather attractive, another date might have ensued.

The next time you sense that you are about to get involved in one of your dating tales, you need to be prepared. If you have one of those iPhones you can download an application that allows you to “receive” a call at a predetermined time. If your evening is not going very well, then you can take the call, which appears to be coming from an authentic source, and make up an excuse to get out of there, fast.

If somebody sets you up with someone who you have never met before, you may well have a good source of dating tales for quite some time. This type of encounter seems to be either perfect or a disaster and you should be sure that you only allow your closest friends to set this up for you.

If you don’t like to use Internet chat rooms to try and meet guys, you can nevertheless find some useful resources to help you crack the guy code online. The more of those dating tales that you read, the more that you should tell yourself to start afresh and make something work the next time.

Loneliness is not an excuse for compromise and you must always stick to the standards and morals that you know to be right for you. None of us likes to be alone, but that does not mean that we should artificially create a match, as this will just add to our stock of dating tales eventually.

Whatever you do, don’t be downcast by your nonexistent love life. Always maintain a positive attitude, appear upbeat and happy and you will attract the right guy when you are least expecting it.

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Can You Date More Than One Man?

You may feel that you are just wasting your time when you go out on those dates, as they invariably seem to lead nowhere and you end up spending a lot of your time and months of your life with no real results. Couldn’t you consolidate all this time more effectively and try and date more than one man at a time? This is surely going to give you better odds of success, right?

If you decide that you are going to hedge your bets and try and select the better of two options, you need to be very careful how you approach it. You can date more than one man at the time, so long as you are realistic and fair. You will need to stick to some rigid rules or you could end up with egg on your face.

This will require some soul-searching. You need to ask yourself whether you are truly okay with the idea of seeing more than one guy? You need to understand that you could lay yourself open to criticism, as this is not a conventional approach.

Time is very precious and when you date more than one man you will have even less of it than you thought you had before. Be very selective in your “list of candidates” and realistic as well. Are both guys truly potential candidates for the long haul?

Never engage in intimate relationships with more than one man at a time. Just because you choose to date more than one man, does not mean that you have to have sex with both. This will make the whole process very difficult and is truly unfair on all parties.

Make sure that you go to different venues when you go out on your dates, as you will have to effectively create two different “worlds” for yourself. It is much better this way, as you only create confusion, especially if you keep bumping into someone you know at those favorite venues.

You have to let all parties know what is going on when you date more than one man as honesty is most definitely your best approach. If you handle this any other way and they find out from a third party, expect fireworks.

Because you are trying to create a life for yourself ahead, it is important that you do not come up with a different persona when you date more than one man. For example, you might think that one guy particularly likes a certain characteristic and the other might like something else. Don’t split yourself this way or you’ll confuse everybody!

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Is It OK to Be Dating Older Guys?

We are all very individual and have particular tastes and interests in life. This diversity makes our world such a fun place to live in and when it comes to companionship there is no such thing as a regular matchup. Some women choose people of their own age, social stature and income bracket, while others are all over the map. Many women think dating older guys is not appropriate, but others are particularly attracted.

You’re likely to come across an additional set of issues that you may not initially consider when you contemplate dating older guys. Remember how difficult it can be to form any kind of relationship between two people and be prepared to absorb these additional challenges as you move forward.

If you find yourself falling for somebody who is a lot more mature than you, there is a good chance that he may have children already in his life. If he is divorced or separated, then the mother may well have custody, but you can fully imagine that he will want to keep up with his visitation rights and you must be ready to embark on a relationship with “pre-existing” conditions.

As you get older, you become a product of your upbringing and life experiences and tend to get more set in your ways as this develops. When dating older guys you will certainly find that they are somewhat less flexible than people much younger than them and you should understand that they are less likely to change as time goes by.

The age gap, if significant, can mean many cultural differences between the both of you. This may not be a big deal to you, but every now and again you will want to share a particular cultural experience or reference with him and find that he does not fully understand what you are referring to and vice versa. This can be “cute” in the beginning, but bear in mind that it may become a little frustrating as time goes by.

While a lot of more mature men have sexual appetites of guys for half their age, remember that they typically peak in their 20s in this regard. When dating older guys you may nevertheless find that they have more sexual maturity and this can more than make up for any shortcomings!

Financially, dating older guys will generally make a lot more sense for the younger girl. Generally speaking, he will be more settled and have the ability to spend more disposable income, meaning that one of the big dating problems — finances — may be less troublesome here.

If you are able to give and take and understand the differences that you may face when you were dating older guys, you may also be able to celebrate the differences between you and make them the core of your relationship as you go forward and fall more in love.

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