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The Truth About Mind Power

If there is something in this world which has huge potential but is so complicated that science in all its advancement has not been able to grasp its strength and scope in its entirety, is that of the human mind. It is said that normally man only utilizes 10% of his brain. That being the case, can you even think of the immense possibilities if one could control his subconscious mind and utilized 100% of his mind power? The word ‘miracle’ might well have disappeared from the dictionary.

Mind power is something that has been talked about, believed in, and cultivated upon since the ancient ages. It is known to all that ancients monks or spiritual sadhus living in the highest mountains honed the power of their minds by way of meditation. Starting from lighting up fires, causing rainfalls, moving matter with concentration, curing illnesses, they have always prophesized the power of mind over reality.

Transcending the eras of the ancient man to our more recent days of spiritual awakening and new beliefs amidst a stressed out mankind, a quest for the ultimate truth in terms of the highest potential of man is something that has attracted the attention of man. New age spirituality revolves around individualistic mastery of mind power without any religious boundaries. It is believed that your reality is a product of your own thoughts and the laws of attraction talks about this universal truth of mankind.

According to the law of attraction, your mind power has the capability of influencing and thereby creating the reality of your life. According to this law, if you focus all your attention on something that you want and believe from the core of your heart that it will come true, then the sheer power of your mind will attract the object of your want and result in its manifestation in reality.

Affirmations is another similar concept which hails from the belief that mind power can achieve all your desires and attain your highest levels of aspiration. This promotes the scope of mind power with the help of positive thinking. In case of the human mind, it is said that like attracts like. Hence, positive thoughts will always lead to situations which would attract more positive thoughts. E.g. if a sick person affirms himself continuously that he is getting better and his disease is going away, then his subconscious mind will take it as true and its power will actually cause him to get well.

The best way to improve your mind power is by meditation. Start with imagining your god, or any person or an object at the center of your forehead and try to concentrate. You will see that focusing your attention on one particular thing would be difficult at first. Gradually with more practice your ability to concentrate and focus will improve till the time you develop increased awareness of your own self and the ability to direct your energies as well.

Thus if you really want your mind to take control of your life and steer it in the direction you want to, instead of other external factors doing it, the best strategy is to start with affirmations and positive thinking and then working up through meditation to gain increased control over your thoughts and beliefs so that the law of attraction can work for you.

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Which Celebrity Has Made A Cosmic Order?

Recently Cosmic Ordering has gained a lot of attention. It appears that multitude of individuals want to place their cosmic order, however does it work?

Many people have heard of the law of attraction and the secret but a cosmic order is much more specific and you get exactly what you want.

What would you order into your life if you could have anything you desire? Do you desire perfect youthful health and vigor, a substantial bank account or the perfect companion? When you use the cosmic order system, all of these things are available to you by simply asking for it.

According to numerous celebrity endorsements and a multitude of individuals, it does work for them. Even so, what is it that occurs while placing your cosmic order? In addition, how is it that for some it does not work?

Many fail in reaping their rewards of their desires yet the process is simple. There are several reasons for this. One deals with holding onto an old belief system that there is never enough for everyone.

There is abundance everywhere and yet some never find it no matter how hard they search. They believe that anothers success takes away from them because theres only a limited supply. They become envious and angry with others that seem to have it all.

This belief will actually block the rewards that they desire. This then signals the brain once again that there will never be enough for them to have anything. The Universe is signaled, while consequently fulfilling this prophecy by such brain activity.

The second reason that most people dont succeed is that, while they believe theres enough to go around and get excited for others, they dont believe it can happen to them. You hear it every time someone buys a lottery ticket. I never win anything. They are never disappointed that way. They believe that if they acknowledge their lack, some outside force will feel sorry for them and fill the gap right away.

This will never work, since you can make your cosmic order and determine your destiny by making a simple phrase to accompany the cosmic order.

third reason that many dont get what they want is that they truly dont believe they deserve it. The belief that it is wrong to desire a better life, the belief that they have no value or the belief that they arent special enough to be able to order anything they want blocks them from the marvels of what can happen when you make a cosmic order.

When you find that, you are lacking in your beliefs you must do some serious reprogramming. You must begin to acknowledge that you are special and essential as an individual, while removing your old system of beliefs. Remember, we are all equal and none is better than the other is.

All earthly creatures have a divine right to health, happiness and wealth. Nevertheless, you have to release your past and believe in receiving that which you deserve and desire.

You can use cosmic ordering easily when you have the right tools. Scientific studies shows prove that the concept works. The commonsensical ideal behind the secret has eluded humans for centuries, however some of it has been revealed by quantum physics.

There are many ways that you can help yourself to a making sure that a cosmic order is successful. First a positive attitude is essential. You should also try meditation and self-hypnosis and making affirmations.

Using special sound frequencies known as binaural tones, which are recent developments in sound technology can aid you tremendously to change the state of your mind in order to communicate with the universe. You will see faster results when you use such technology, since it can aid you by clearing away you old system of beliefs much faster.

Long ago, mystics and true believers of a religious sect were the only ones who took advantage of the cosmic order system. Today, anyone who believes it is possible can do it. Wisdom of the ancients and science unite in order to aid you in achieving your desires.

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