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Virginia Beach DUI Prosecutor Earns Prestigious Award From MADD

Every since MADD was first started, they would give out an award to who they believe was the top DUI prosecutor in the whole entire country. One of Virginia Beach’s very own would have the honor this year of receiving a nomination. She would be one prosecutor of hundreds that would be entered for the prestigious award.

Personally I would like to congratulate Charisse Black for earning her spot as the best DUI prosecutor in not only Virginia Beach, but the country by MADD. She burst into tears as they announced her winning the award. Because of her countless aggressive prosecutions, including one that injured a Virginia Beach police officer, she proven worthy of the award to MADD members across the country.

MADD would not be the only one to recognize Charrise Black on this day.The Commonwealth noted on her stellar performance; even when major loopholes and laws change she still got the job done. She says the ever changing challenge is what makes her strive to do the best she can at her job and keeps her motivated ever day.

“I think it is the challenge, and the seriousness of the offense. We’ve reduced the BAC to .08%, raised the drinking age to 21, and it is still not working. So the place to get them is in court.”

What really made the presentation personal was one of the families that she helped defended was present. Kaye Walsh, who nominated her and lost her daughter to a drunk driver, gave the prosecutor a pair of her daughters earrings as a thank you for her service. Once again I would like to say that her accomplishment is a great example of why Virginia Beach is a great place to live and congratulations keep it up!

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