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Comcast Double Play – Great Deals On The Newest Technology

In today’s economy any type of savings on monthly bills is a great deal. It’s an even better deal when you actually get more for your money at the same time.

And Comcast knows this, thank goodness. They recently rolled out their Double Play packages. Consumers can now choose two of their regular offerings and enjoy some pretty attractive discounts at the same time.

Their original product offering, cable TV, was the perfect platform on which to build a comprehensive selection of consumer oriented products to compete with other local companies. They successfully rolled out HD television, digital telephone service, and high speed internet which produces speeds faster than their competitors’ DSL connections.

What else could you possibly need? On top of these high quality well priced package plans, there is no long term contract to sign, technicians can be to your house usually within two days (for most services), and they have an incredible maintenance plan for $2. 99 a month which covers all equipment repairs and service calls.

Order the best Comcast Double Play deals and save alot more money.

Their most popular package for the Double Play is their cable TV and internet service, both of which are available in almost all their covered areas of service. If you want to take advantage of one of their HD packages, that’s extra, but with the savings already built into this deal, the HD services are really no big drain on the budget starting at $9. 99 a month for the HD box. (Ask for special discounts when you sign up; they frequently have deals that are not advertised and can only be purchased through one of their customer service or sales reps.)

For families who find themselves stuck in multi-year agreements with television service providers, they can still take advantage of the Double Play by signing up for a package including Internet and digital telephone service. (Just a quick note here to consumers: with this service, since both functions are using the same cable lines, you will lose both your telephone and your Internet service if there is an outage. In areas that experience frequent, erratic weather related service interruptions, these outages can occur weekly, if not more. However, Comcast has this all figured out and service is usually back to normal quickly; in many instances before you even know about it. )

Another option would be for folks who have wireless connections on their computers – just sign up for TV and telephone for your Double Play deal. Even thought their voice package is not yet available all over, it’s being rolled out constantly into new areas. It’s worth the wait, though – the reception is so much better than the regular phone companies can provide!

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