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Network Marleting And Type 2 Diabetes

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes when I turned 60. I was not thrilled, because I live to eat where most people eat to live. I enjoyed cooking very much and worked in the hospitality industry most of my life. Also,you hear all the horror stories about the effects of type 2 diabetes and you start to believe them. Right away my doctor prescribed menu of exercise and diet. I could care less for both. The diet was not very appealing.

I was on so many different diets in an attempt to govern my diabetes. the same was true of drugs. Every time I went to the doctor’s he prescribed another drug no matter how good or bad my sugar was doing. I used to get sick to my stomach with most of them and consequently discarded them. The diets they connected me too were not very palatable. Physicians get very jaded about diabetes. My way or the highway.

There was a tape that was made sometime in the 90′s called “Dead Men Don’t Lie.” He went to great extremes to tell how most doctors would jump with glee when you were diagnosed with type1 or 2 diabetes. the knew you would be there patient for a very long time. Taking you apart limb by limb. Frightening, but not true.

In certain countries they actually cure diabetes. You won’t see or hear anything about them. The drug heads in this country would lose vast amounts of money. Medicare absorbs most of the cost for diabetes and payments are made directly to the drug companies.

Network Marketing has been in my blood since’91. As a rule Network Marketing companies have fantastic products and I took many of them. They had no effect on my sugar, but were helpful in other ways. The problem once you stop making money in Network Marketing most people stop taking the product.

In 2005 I became a distributor for a Network Marketing company which had a supplement that reproduced your own stem cells by up to 30%. I was very ignorant as to what a stem cell was except I knew there was great angst and a lot of talk about them. Most of it not very good. All the controversy was eliminated by this supplement, because it used your own stem cells. The magnificent thing about stem cells is that they can adapt and become any type of cell. Heart cell, pancreatic cell, etc

I make no medical claims here. All I know is my diabetes is under control with a minimal amount of diet and a little walking everyday. Do not be confused with all the rhetoric out there. Do your own investigation. There are many ways to help with diabetes, but most of them try to keep you on some sort of drug. All the drugs did for me was help me gain 40 pounds over the last twelve years. And the biggest enemy of diabetes? Overweight.

Are you ready to take charge of your health? Do not wait until you get sick. Do not wait till your older. Start young when you are not sick and do preventive maintenance like you probably do for your car. You change your oil regularly why not keep the juices flowing in your “temple.” Start now!

To your committed success,

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