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Develop Your Clairvoyance Powers

Clairvoyance is something you’ve no doubt heard about before; it’s a word you may commonly see in ads for psychics. However, anyone at all can develop clairvoyance. It’s an ability which every one of us naturally possesses, but you need to put in some effort to develop it to its full potential. Like learning any kind of new skill, you need to practice to become an expert at it.

If you are new to the term clairvoyance, and have never heard of it before, then here is a basic definition for you: Clairvoyance is basically the quick intuitive knowledge of knowing things that are not visible to the eye or have not yet happened. It can be thought of as somewhat of a psychic ability.

If you’d like to develop clairvoyance, you have a lot to gain. Being able to use your clairvoyant abilities will give you a new perspective on life and even give you inner peace and happiness. You’ll discover a level of mental clarity and creative resources you didn’t know you had. The only downside to exercising your clairvoyant talents is that you have to be more vigilant about protecting yourself from negative energy.

Sense becoming clairvoyant means that you are going to be more sensitive to the energies around you, you will need to make sure that you avoid negative people, places, and things. There will be times that you run into these types of situations, they are pretty much unavoidable. But when you do, just make sure that you do something positive to get rid of those energies. If more people took the time to develop their clairvoyant abilities, they would have a much easier time learning how to rid themselves of negative moods and the energies that plague them.

These techniques can get you on your way towards developing clairvoyance:

Eliminate negative energies from your life: If there is anything in your home which you perceive is filled with negative energy, get rid of it in order to allow more positive energy in. Cleanse your home of these energies by burning all of the things which carry negative energy with them.

Find a place to meditate each day for at least 30 minutes. This is going to be your quiet time. It does not necessarily have to be inside of your home, it can be at the park, outside in your car, or in your back yard. It does not matter. Some people even take walks in order to clear their minds. Life in general can cause a pile of thoughts to build up inside of our minds, and sometimes we just need time to think and breathe.

Meditation is also a powerful stress reliever, so it can help clear all of the worries and irrelevant thoughts which can make it difficult to develop clairvoyance. Regular daily meditation will make you feel at peace and facilitate the development of psychic abilities, especially if practiced in conjunction with deep breathing.

Learn to trust your feelings and your instincts: When you’re in touch with these aspects of your personality, it will be much easier for you to develop clairvoyance. Let your instincts be your guide. If something feels like the right move, then it more than likely is the next step you need to take on the path to unlocking your psychic talents.

Trust your hunches. Do not doubt yourself. Having low self-esteem is not going to help either. You must be confident in your thoughts and feelings if you want to be able to develop your clairvoyant abilities. Doubting your instincts will just damage your capabilities. You may be nervous about it, but just go with it.

Let go and let your feelings and instincts take you where they will. Children are often thought to be much more clairvoyant than adults are because of their no-worries and carefree attitudes. When they feel something is not right, they do not hold back, they express those feelings every time. We should all practice letting go of our rigid and negative personality traits and worries and just let go. You will be surprised at where your hunches and feelings will guide you.

The important thing to realize is that you already possess clairvoyant and psychic powers. Many scientists believe that many years ago all humans possessed extra sensory powers, but these have for whatever reasons become repressed over the years. But these dormant esp powers can be reactivated with the right training and mindset.

Affirmations are one way to help you develop clairvoyance. Hypnosis is another valuable tool whether you choose to work with a professional hypnotist or to use self hypnosis via clairvoyance development recordings. Hypnosis allows for communication with the part of your mind where your psychic abilities lie: the subconscious. When your subconscious gets the message that it should allow your clairvoyant abilities to come out, you’ll be able to feel the difference quickly.

It is also important to make sure that your chakra energy centers are regularly cleansed and balanced. The third eye chakra and crown chakra centers in particular are responsible for our intuitive and psychic powers. It is essential that you maintain the balance of these energy centers if you wish to develop clairvoyance.

Anyone at all can develop clairvoyance if they are willing to believe in themselves and practice. Just eliminate negative energies from your environment, learn to relax deeply through regular meditation and keep your chakras in balance and cleansed and before long, you’ll find that you have developed clairvoyance and that your other natural psychic abilities will start to surface.

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