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Rebirthing Breath

The Breath is our lifeline to the Divine. It is the Inspiration, the Breath of Life. It is our first task upon merging through the womb and our final task as we leave the physical. It can be said that as a person breathes, so they do life. That is self explanatory but just in case it was not clear, if your breath is open and consciously engaged, you are fully alive; if however your breath is shallow and often stops, you are living a contracted and less than fulfilling life.

How are you breathing right now? Take a full and luscious breath right now. How do you feel? You either feel open, ready to let in life or it may have scared you to take a deep and connected breath. Only you can answer that but the simple act will always tell you volumes about your present state of BEING. If it hurts or feels difficult on any level ” you NEED TO BREATHE. Its that simple.

Breathing seems so ordinary that most people are not conscious of the delicious nature of the Breath; in fact, many people today are simply not conscious; and, the breathing mechanism is the perfect gauge for our ability in any moment to truly live a full life.

Rebirthing breath is a spiritual awakening and a reconnection to our own core essence. The session itself may heal any manner of misperceptions a person has incorporated during a lifetime but more importantly it has the ability to shift the energetic clout of the aberrated thought. So, lets go through that again.

Thoughts that are not for our own good, like I will never be able to do that well, have an energetic power that keep them there. The more traumatic an experience that sets a thought in motion, the more suppressed the thought becomes over many years, the more powerful the negative thought is. The ideas or thoughts take on a life of their own and can be destructive.

What a person believes to be true for them will continue manifesting in that person’s life. It is the unconscious thoughts that are have the most impact on our patterns of behavior.

Everything that occurs in life is being manifested because it is what a person believes to be their truth. So good or bad, every person is creating from dynamic thought, simply the unconscious and conscious mind. Not meant as a cruel or painful trick, this gift of co-creation was actually meant to be the greatest gift ever to humans. We are just now learning to use the gift more wisely. The resurgence of the teachings of Emerson, Charles Haanel, Wallace Wattles, and others are a reminder to us that there have been teachers all along who understood the creative nature of our thoughts, and they wanted to share their understanding with others.

As a person breathes during a connected breathing session, a professional rebirthing facilitator will make sure that something called a completed energy cycle happens. With this cycle of energy a certain amount of stored or blocked energy can be released. The thoughts attached are relinquished as they are exposed as untrue and no longer useful. This cycle is followed by a neutral state wherein the breather can make new and healthier resolutions about life.

If youre planning on having a baby and wish for a gentle and trauma free birth, your fist plan of action would be a ten week series of sessions for both mother and father. It will not be possible for the baby to be birth trauma free if everyone involved has not handled their own birth trauma first. Babies process the fear and apprehension of the parents not only at birth but in the womb. One session never fixes all but it is the beginning of a persons relationship with their ultimate life machine ” their Breath.

Ten sessions are recommended as the minimum for anyone to feel really comfortable about breathing on their own. It also gives time for the greater part of contracted energy to be released in the presence of someone who will be there with the breather, lend compassion, and help them process any unresolved residue. The presence of a conscious and successful practitioner also lends energy to the highest resolution of the session, and gives credence to the true pure nature of the breather. This is most important because many people have never been affirmed for their goodness or their ability to achieve this lifetime.

Rebirthing is a technique I learned in1988. It made such an impact on my ability to expand and see certain circumstances in my own life clearly, and reconstruct them. It was amazing and I wanted to give that same gift to others. I still use rebirthing breath with clients and myself.

Rebirthing is definitely a spiritual experience. Depending on the progress of the facilitator and the willingness of the breather, I definitely see it changes lives for the better. With constructive direction after the fact people have the opportunity to literally start fresh.

Breathe Deeply, Inspire Yourself, Ellen Valentine, CNC

Ellen Valentine is a Nutritional Counselor and Life Success Coach. The Breath is a reminder of our connection to the Divine. Breathe fully, breathe deeply and feel the Essence of who you truly are. The Breath is a reminder of our connection to the Divine.