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Trees as Bereavement Gifts

Whether you have lost a loved one or you know someone who has, there are several different reactions that you might have. You might be shocked that they are gone, you may be regretful for the opportunities that you missed or you might find yourself looking to celebrate the life that they led. Many people who are grieving over a loved one find themselves looking for a meaningful memorial, and this is where memorial trees can come in.

Trees are wonderful additions to any area and in many ways, you will find that these are bereavement gifts that can be a benefit to the people who are mourning as well. A tree is not a graveyard where you focus on lost chances; instead, you will be outside, standing under the shade of a living thing and celebrating underneath it.

Remember the way that the departed touched your life or the lives of the everyone around them. Remember the way that a tree reaches out and provides shade and cover to everyone who comes near it. If you are mourning a person who you learned a great deal about life from, a tree would be a beautiful way to commemorate that.

One thing that people won’t forget about trees is that they will live for a fairly long time. They can serve as a reminder for the people who are left behind that life does go on, and that just because someone is no longer alive, it doesn’t mean that their presence is gone.

Think of an area that the deceased cared about, whether it was a park, a yard, or a natural preserve of some kind. Talk to the people who oversee it or take care of it, and the chances are high that they would love to have a new addition to the property. The addition of memorial plaques can help everyone recognize the tree as the garden memorial that you want it to be.

When you are looking for a way to remember someone who was important to you, ensure that you look off the beaten path. A tree is something that everyone can benefit from, and when people are in a place where they want to have a living reminder, and not just a stone or a plaque, a tree stands in quite well.

When you are thinking of trees, think of all the positive associations that you have with them. Do you find that you are in a place where you are going to be able to move forward and to feel comforted? Consider how trees make you feel and what kind of memories of the deceased that you want to remember.

Trees can commemorate loss as memorial gifts in a deeply meaningful way, so think about what trees might mean to you and to the people you care about!

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