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Spanish Learning Software Beats Your High School Class Waste Of Time

In high school I had no Spanish learning software. I had to rely on my Spanish teachers. I was a comedy. My first high school teacher was serious so I should not say anything against him. He always scolded us telling us we could not understand Spanish because we did not understand English. I think he was right in many ways. If I did not know in English what a present participle was how would I know it in Spanish?

Now I also remember my junior high school Spanish instructor. He had escaped from Cuba and came to the US after Castro came to power. He told us stories of how he was going to be arrested for his objection to Castro and decided to make his way to this country.

He was now a US naturalized citizen and told us he was grateful to this country for accepting him in his time of need. We mostly made fun of his white socks though.

White socks and a brown suit simply begged for ridicule. We were probably not very fair to this grateful teacher of Spanish. He was a sincere man who was trying to tell us kids how good we had it. But I do not remember learning too much Spanish however. Now the real joke was during my second year of high school Spanish. Our teacher was either faking being easy to fool or she merely was easy to fool. I think she did not like conflict and figured if kids did not want to learn then she was not going to force us to.

Not only was she easy to deceive that it was simply not any fun, I do not think she cared whether or not we learned how to speak and understand Spanish. In a nutshell, my Spanish lessons did not teach me much about the language. Of course I could have applied myself if I wanted.

So I think she could have done a better job. But in the end I was the one who left not knowing any Spanish. But if you really want to study and master Spanish, there is available software which will help you a lot more than a high school class. In fact there is not comparison.

You have to want to learn of course because if you do not want to put forth the effort you will waste your time and money. There are many Spanish learning software on the market but you want to find the one that teaches the fundamentals. One of my managers with the company I used to work for said to learn vocabulary and then learn the grammar. Then put it together and you will be on your way to communicating is Spanish.

Choose Spanish learning software that is easy to use. It is challenging enough to learn a foreign language. You also do not want a software that is hard to master. Find software that pronounces the words for you to hear the proper way. You want to not only read Spanish but you want to hear Spanish.

There is a lot you can do in your off days. If you think you want to learn a different language, you may think you want to look for Spanish Learning Software, so that you can find out how you can easy learn Spanish.