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What Can You Do To Recall Your Past Lives?

In the world today, there are many more individuals who believe in reincarnation, than there are individuals who do not. For many it may be part of their religious beliefs, such as for Buddhists and Hindus, while for many others, it just makes sense to them or perhaps some may be simply curious. Whether they are searching for answers about that particular something that stands out in their minds that follows they all their lives or they are merely curious to find out, many individuals do their best to find out more concerning their past lives. There are various ways to discover the explanations, when you find yourself curious about past lives.

Keep a Journal

One of the best ways to learn about your past lives is to begin a journal. You should write down the things you experience, even those experiences that may seem insignificant. While including the way you feel about any event, since our emotions are the strongest clues we have, that may relate to a past life. Journaling your experiences creates a written record that can aid you in piecing your clues together when using it later as a reference.

Try looking at your present life for clues. Make a list of things that you like and dislike for everything from fashion, childhood and food to architecture, cultures, climates and historical time periods. Include everything you can think of like talents, occupations, times you felt dj vu, animals, personality traits, phobias, scars and birth marks.

Write about your dreams. Sometimes past lives come through very clearly when we dream. At other times we get little hints. Past and present and combine in a dream and give us symbols that may have meaning for you in both the past and the present. Before you fall asleep, give yourself the suggestion that you want to learn about your past lives. Write down anything and everything you can remember.

Past Life Regression Therapy

If you have the means to go to a professional past life regression therapist, go for it! They can help guide you through a regression and help you interpret the information you receive. There are a few places that train and certify these therapists. The International Association for Regression and Research and Therapies and the International Association of Past Life Therapists both train and certify professionals in this discipline. They may be able to help you find a therapist in your area.


You can explore your past lives while using the various methods of meditation. Meditation is a very private means of finding out more about your past lives. Although, many individuals may have a hard time trusting any incoming information, you should do your best to trust your instincts and feelings.

At times meditation may seem like daydreaming, when the images are coming to you and then leaving again, however, you may come across some very important information. You should write these down to ponder over later. Since our minds are so very suggestible, it can retrieve the information you ask it too. Keep in mind that if you tell yourself that you cannot do it, you will not be able to do so, because of the negative thought you have planted.

Visual stimulus such as candle flames can be very beneficial for some individuals during meditation, while others may find sound to be very stimulating. You might consider the use of a therapists, recorded guided meditation session or simple repeated sounds, such as “om” or even Tibetan bells.

Binaural beats is an interesting type of audio technology processing that offers some recent interesting advances. You can relax instantly and reach a state of meditation, that is generally reached by experienced Zen monks, when listening to the various frequencies that play in each ear, when using binaural beats.

Whichever method appeals most to you make sure you can meditate in an area that is peaceful and that you won’t be disturbed.

Sit or lie down in a comfortable position. Make sure you are in a positive, receptive frame of mind. Focus on relaxing your muscles and then quiet your mind. If unwanted concerns float in, quickly acknowledge them and let them go. This can take some practice. Focus on your heart and don’t expect anything but relaxation. If you have a question to ask, ask it and let it go. The answer will most likely come when you least expect it.

The images you receive will help you resolve something in your life, and that is what is important whatever your belief in reincarnation. It may not always be possible to prove that these images really are from a previous life, although many people do get enough information to actually research and verify names, places and events.

Some individuals find that the people they love in this life were there with them in a previous life, although their relationship may vary. For instance a mother may have been a sister or even a wife in a previous lifetime.

Whatever you may believe about reincarnation and past lives, most people who do try regression find what they receive to be helpful and interesting, no matter what their initial belief.

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