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Spool Knitting Information

Although sharing the same old category of knitting devices, spool knitting uses a spool with four nails in it for the design of the fabric instead of the traditional needles. Because of the very simple structure of the items it requires, spool knitting has long been part of educational practices specific to crafts classes.

Thus, this way of getting children to learn knitting is both educational and fun. The spool can be either improvised or purchased ready made, but the other supplies needed include a crochet hook, yarn and in case you want to, you can also bring brads, a hammer, drill and a drill bit.

If you try to make the spool yourself, the process could get too complex and time consuming. The first step to begin with is to pass the yarn through the spool, from top to bottom, but make sure to leave a few inches of yarn hang out from the bottom.

It is advisable that for this initial spool knitting stage you follow pictures or close face to face instructions so that you have a smooth beginning. Then, you can start pulling the yarn with the crochet hook by making small loops every time and passing them over the brads, in the process known as the casting on.

The number of brads used in spool knitting varies depending on what you want to achieve; the most basic of projects available for spool knitting is cord making, and this can be designed with four, five or six brads.

Yet, it is common knowledge that odd numbers are easier to work with in casting on, therefore, stick to the use of four or six brads even if five are also possible. When knitting, pass the yarn around every brad and pull the loop out, up and over the brad in order to pass to the next line.

Spool knitting makes color variations possible since you need basic skills to perform such changes. All you need to do is to cut one yarn type and add the new color, tie it carefully and continue the spool knitting process.

Closely follow the pictures in books or on web sites if you are just discovering the secrets of spool knitting. When you finish knitting you will have to tie off the ends so that they do not unravel. If you need professional spool knitting, it is preferable to buy a spool knitting machine that works a lot quicker and with superior results.

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