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Overcoming Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are often a major problem for the individuals that suffer from them. In some cases individuals become too scared of going outside because they have panic attacks.

How you overcome your panic attacks could be a massive issue, because once you can overcome them you’ll be able to get on with your life again. Many sufferers of panic attacks only need to be in a position to live a normal life.

Here are some simple techniques which can facilitate you to beat panic attacks and stop them from being so frequent.

Whenever you enter a state of panic, your breathing naturally becomes shallow and rapid. Once you’re relaxed focus on breathing deeply and evenly from your stomach. You want to be ready to breath like this unconsciously.

When you are feeling a panic attack beginning you have to instantly turn your attention to your breathing and start breathing in this deep and regular manner. You may want to stop what ever you’re doing and sit down to focus on making your breathing regular again. This will generally be enough to prevent a panic attack.

This will become second nature to you with some practise and you’ll notice yourself automatically breathing this way when you start to panic. You could need a reminder to breath this way initially, maybe write it on your hand or ask your friends to remind you.

You can cope better with panic attacks with relaxation techniques or self hypnosis. You will learn yoga or meditation or self hypnosis to assist you relax more.

Panic attacks come from the feeling of being out of control, concern and not being able to cope. All of those induce stress within the body and stop rational thought. With these straightforward relaxation techniques you’ll be able to stop the stress and panic attacks from taking over.

By gaining an understanding of what triggers your panic attacks you can begin to avoid any of these situations. There are always going to be triggers you can’t avoid therefore you need to alter how you are feeling regarding them. There are a variety of techniques you may use to do this, but 1 of the most effective is for you to visualise yourself just before you enter the situation feeling relaxed. Hold on to that feeling of relaxation and tranquility as you expertise the situation in your mind.

Your sub-conscious mind does not understand the distinction between reality and imagination (simply imagine something painful and you will understand this is often true) therefore you will adjust your feelings concerning these situations

From this visualization you’ll find that situations that made you panic now only cause you to feel relaxed. It is an odd sensation when this happens.

You will overcome panic attacks using the above techniques. Be gentle on yourself and be patient and you’ll see a massive distinction in your levels of panic attacks.

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