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Tired Of That Expensive Mobile Bill At Your Doorstep Every Month? Your Bill Buddy Can Make It Easy For You

You have lately realized that your mobile bills are a monthly menace & you are spending a large chunk of your income on your bill. You wonder where all this comes from. Your Bill Buddy gives you the answer.

The maximum portion of your bill depends on your service plan. Most of the people choose a plan without thinking about the services included in that particular plan. You pay for the services you don’t even use. So it all comes down to choosing the perfect plan. And here’s the best part – Your Bill Buddy has all the plans laid down for you right below your fingertips.

You don’t need to go and look out for the plan most suitable for you. All you need to do is give Your Bill Buddy an idea of your monthly usage & your needs & they will get to you the most suitable plan, which is available in the market for you. It carefully finds the tariff plan most suited to your usage, ensuring that you pay the minimum bill amount.

Imagine getting the best plans available not only with your current provider but also across all the providers in the telecom market today at the click of a mouse. Doesn’t this help avoid all the effort and the great confusion that the myriad different mobile operator plans are bound to create? works in one simple step. Upload the bill or enter your call details, within seconds the site analyses your usage and gives you a break-up of your usage-local calls, STD calls, ISD calls, SMS, and roaming and compares them against the tariff plans of each mobile operator. If you are a prepaid customer or you do not have your bill handy you can simple enter your usage details & the best plans will be provided to you in a matter of seconds. All these services are not solely for the postpaid users. Your bill buddy gives equal benefits to the prepaid users. Here Your Bill Buddy helps you out to choose the best pack available in the market, which will help you to slash your monthly mobile spends.

Are you thinking about your STD usage? We all hear about the various offers for local & SMS usage, but STD is hardly heard of. And it is manually not possible to keep a check on the latest plans available for STD with the exciting & cheap plans. But that was till date, now you have Your Bill Buddy to keep you in sync with the best plans in STD to cut down your expenses.

So now you don’t need to be paranoid over your choice of provider. Your Bill Buddy will help you out here by giving you the plans available across different providers to make sure that you don’t miss out on anything.

The best part about it is that all this is done online. Get everything at your convenience. So no matter where you are, you can have an easy access to the best mobile plans available for you. You can be rest assured that you don’t miss out on any of the plans available in the market as the mobile market is continuously monitored by them and the latest plans are updated.

You would be surprised to see how an optimal plan according to your usage can help you get rid of those hefty bills you receive at your doorstep. So why waste more time? Do you still want to end up paying more than you really need to?

Learn more about the best Prepaid Plans. Visit Your Bill Buddy and you will be surprised to see what it can do for you.